End The “There’s no room for that!” Cycle

End The “There’s no room for that!” Cycle

Your home, garage and attic are filled with items you’re just not able or allowed (we’ve been in those arguments before!) to get rid of yet. You may not even realize the stress this is causing you!

The closets are all full.

You don’t want things sitting in the yard or under the carport.

Your lawn mower doesn’t have a home (unless you count under rain clouds).

Gardening equipment isn’t easily accessible.

Holiday decorations… where did you put those again?

Ready for more space?

Let’s build your shed!

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Simply put:

You need room for your stuff. And you need peace of mind that your stuff is safe.

Right now you’re still trying to cram things into the attic. You’re still hearing the following annoying questions:


“Can’t we just stick it in the garage?”

“Ugh, why can’t I find my stuff? This is ridiculous!”

“Why does our yard look so junky? Our neighbors’ house doesn’t look like this.”

“Are you serious? What do you mean we can’t get to it? I need it!”


It’s frustrating being the magical storage genie who always has to put something away or find it later, when we both know there’s just no space left. And when there’s no space left... tempers can be short when you need to find something quickly. Or, when you can no longer park the car in the garage. Or, when you’re playing Tetris with boxes on a weekly basis (yeah, we’ve been there!).

Not all storage options are equal.

Take your time to find the right fit for YOUR needs.

The reason you’re still reading right now? Because you know you need more room for your stuff. Now, you have options. You could go with a storage unit that’s halfway across town, costs too much and seems to never be open when you need it. You could build a garage but getting a contractor, permits and finding a dry time to build can become expensive. You could even stop by a big box store and see what sheds they have but, read their warranties and construction features carefully (not all sheds are equal).

Of course, it’s no surprise we’re going to recommend a Cook portable building. We truly believe it’s the best solution for anyone who needs more space. Who do we help?

  • Those living in the city limits with limited yard space.

  • Those who have plenty of yard space, but need a quick but lasting storage solution.

  • Those who are tired of spending money on a storage unit they’ll never own.

  • Those who are dreamers and want a she shed, man cave, office or studio.

  • Those who are practical, and just need more space in their home, garage or first storage shed.

  • Those who want to embrace their hobby, but just don’t have the room to do so.

  • Couples, parents, single adults. Farmers, business owners, stay at home moms/dads. We work with everyone!

Don’t just buy a shed.

Buy a shed you know you can trust to protect your things.

Hear how others have trusted Cook with their storage needs:

“VERY pleased with both the building and the driver. There was no fuss, no mess and the driver took MAYBE 20 minutes to put the building exactly where I asked him to put it. Good work!!

Thanks again.”

- Daniel D.

"My portable warehouse was delivered today. The delivery driver was very nice and did an excellent job. I appreciate him bringing paint to touch up any marks. He parked it right on the painted grass lines we made. It’s obvious he takes pride in his work. It was also a pleasure dealing with sales consultant. My only complaint, would be having to wait an additional 2 weeks for delivery, due to a cancellation because of rain. Overall, I am happy with the quality of the warehouse and would definitely recommend Cook in the future."

- Rachel R.

Tight Spot? We Can Handle It!

Delivering a shed isn’t always an easy task, but it’s something we love doing! Thanks to our new Cook customer Mary for this video of our driver Matt getting the job done. Learn more about our shed delivery process here: https://cookstuff.com/buy-your-shed/shed-delivery-and-set-up/

Posted by Cook Portable Warehouses, Inc. on Friday, February 1, 2019

“Matt created a miracle today. I thought I had measured correctly, but apparently not. I have been planning on this shed for 2 years! I had several trees to take down before I could have it delivered, Etc . He managed to get my shed into my yard, through a roadside Swale, and past an old bottlebrush tree, much to my delight! The shed is everything I had hoped and dreamed it would be! I'm pretty sure that God had a hand in this, because the space was just not big enough to get the shed through. But I have to tell you, he is my hero! Thank you cook sheds! I don't know what you pay this guy, but it's not enough!”

- Mary Riordan Burris

So, is Cook the right fit for you? Here are 4 reasons we think the answer is probably “Yes!”.

  1. You need room for your stuff, where your things are 100% accessible.
    No one needs the hassle of driving across town to find what you’re looking for.

  2. You need room for your stuff without going over budget.
    Our rent to own program is a great fit for most families! It allows you to find a shed and payment plan that fits your needs and cash flow. Plus, if you just can’t wait, sneak a peek at the end of this page for our exclusive deal!

  3. You need room for your stuff, not a reason to worry about your stuff.
    With our Lifetime Warranty on all treated components, plus a 50 year siding manufacturer’s warranty ... you won’t struggle to trust your Cook shed. Plus, understand that with Cook, you’ll always know who to call. If there is a warranty issue, you know to call us: 1-800-772-7883. That’s the number right there. No secrecy about who takes care of the warranty claims, it’s all done by Cook employees. If you shop around… you might not find another company that can say the same. If you do, let us know (same number!).

  4. You need room for your stuff, which means that room needs to be customized to your needs.
    With Cook, you can customize each of our shed styles. Need a loft, window and double doors? OK then, let’s add it!

Don’t Be Stuck  With a Shed.

Take Control of Your Storage Solution.


You can rent a Cook portable building for a decent monthly price, and if for any reason you decide you don’t want it anymore we’ll come pick it up.

It’s that simple.

It’s also simple to upgrade. You buy a shed, and then you decide it’s too small, with most companies you’d be stuck. But, with a Cook shed, you can just trade up! You won’t lose your investment, it will just transfer to your new building. That’s because we know it's difficult to picture how all of your things (and future things!) will go inside the shed.

Join the Cook Family Along with Thousands of Others!

Here are a few more Cook customer experiences to check out:

“I just purchased a Cook shed and would like to tell you how absolutely satisfied I am with the entire experience.
First off, I should say the shed is in a difficult location and I wasn’t sure how to go about it. Susan, who runs the Crestview, FL location, was very knowledgeable and helpful about picking out exactly what I wanted.
Barry, who did the site survey, had some great suggestions and warnings about potential locations.
Paul, who delivered the shed, did a fantastic job maneuvering it down a slope into a tight corner, as it started to rain no less.
I can’t endorse your product and operation enough. “
Curtiss K.

Pete's Shed“Just wanted you to see the building delivered yesterday. Really nice! Driver arrived on time and set-up went very well. What do you think of design and colors? We love it!

It was a pleasure dealing with you. Will certainly recommend you to others.”

Be Skeptical.

It’s a Good Thing When You’re Making Any Large Purchase.

Why do we trust our sheds sold in hurricane-prone areas?

Because we build our portable buildings to last. In specific hurricane regions we have modified our shed construction slightly so they will withstand 150mph winds. Plus, we offer hurricane ties to these coastal regions as well for additional protection.

Why do we not build on site?

We oversee every step of the building process. We’ve built this company on quality control since 1984 and it has served us well. Each shed is inspected throughout the building process and then carefully loaded and delivered to our customers’ backyard. We train our Cook drivers to fix any paint nicks or minor damages from installing it in your backyard (sometimes tree limbs get in the way!). 

Why don’t you need a concrete slab under the shed?

Many of our customers choose to have a concrete slab under their shed. They like how it looks, it ensures the shed stays level and keeps it away from the ground’s moisture. But, it’s unnecessary with a Cook shed. Our sheds are made with lumber rated for ground contact. That means it can sit in the grass or even in moist climates and never rot. So, if you want a concrete slab, that’s great! If you don’t want one, that’s great too!

What’s delivery look like? 

First off, we have free delivery!* We just need to have room for our trucks to maneuver in your yard. We generally need at least 2 feet greater than the width of your building and 13’ 6” height clearance. Also, we know you’ve worked hard on your yard so we use turf tires to prevent damage during the delivery process. Who will deliver the shed? One of Cook’s employees! We do not use third parties for our delivery. When you choose a Cook shed you’re working with us the whole way through. Also, if you’re afraid that you may not have enough clearance, we offer free site checks! 

* Free delivery within 50 miles of any Cook shed lot. Does not include 14’ wide buildings.

General Storage. Hobby Storage. Workshop. She Shed. Man Cave.

Let’s Build YOUR Solution.

Custom Options? Yes, please! Change up the shed style you like best:

  • Add windows

  • Add a door or a different style of door

  • Add flower boxes

  • Add shutters to the windows

  • Change the siding color

  • Change the shingle color

  • Add a loft (available on some shed styles)

Ready to Build Your Dream Shed?


You know why Cook is the right fit.

Now, it’s time to become the envy of the neighborhood.

Become the one who HAS the space for their stuff. You’ll become an oddity to everyone else on the block.

Become the one who enjoys working out in the yard, because you know exactly where all of your tools are and it’s easy to put them away.

Become the one who can be the storage genie, without all the magic tricks (AKA no more juggling a billion boxes and equipment).


How do you buy a Cook shed?

      1. Click below to choose the style you like best.

      2. Add any extra features you would like or notes you want to make about the shed (you aren’t locked in, this just gives us a starting point).

      3. Once you’ve submitted the form, one of our representatives (from our main Southern Illinois office) will send you an email or call you to finalize your shed plans and purchase. They’ll walk you through payment options, our rent to own program and the delivery process.

      4. Ready to get started? Let’s build your shed!

    P.S. If you’re skittish about giving your email or your phone number online, just call us directly. You may have to leave a message but we’ll get back to you as soon as humanly possible. Call: 1-800-772-7883