Delivery Process

“I ordered a 10 x 12 shed and it was specially built per my wishes. The delivery driver drove all the way from Georgia to bring it to Florida. Where other than Cook Portable Warehouses can you get customer service like that? That is unheard of in today’s world.”

- Izzy Fereale

If you purchase a Cook shed, we will deliver it for free!* At Cook, all of our buildings are built in a quality controlled environment and delivered directly to the customer fully assembled, set-up and leveled. When you select a building from one of our lots, you know it was built in a quality controlled environment.

Your new Cook warehouse is completely protected in transit. Our delivery fleet utilizes one-ton trucks with 30′ custom made drop-back trailers. While loaded our trucks and trailers typically require a 14′ height clearance and a minimum width clearance of 2-feet greater than the width of your building. We use turf tires to prevent damage to the customer’s lawn during the delivery process.

It’s important for our professional fleet of drivers to have clear access to the shed delivery location, so they can ensure the building is placed in the perfect spot and set up to your complete satisfaction.

Our drivers will also conduct a complete walkthrough with the customer to discuss the building features and specifications with every customer.

Free Site Checks

Cook Portable Warehouses offers free site checks to all potential customers. So, if you’re unsure if a Cook building can be delivered to your location, just contact us.

We’ll have one of our drivers stop by your place the next time they are in the area. These site checks can save you money and reduce the potential hassle by associated with attempted delivery fees.

These site checks are absolutely free and require no effort on the part of the customer. And this service is the best way to ensure that your location is ready for shed delivery.

To schedule a free site check today, email us at or call 1-800-772-7883.

* Free delivery within 50 miles of any Cook shed lot. Does not include 14’ wide buildings.