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Cook Sheds in Bryan, Texas

Sturdy, quality sheds in Liberty, TX can be found at Cook Portable Warehouses.

If you’re searching for a portable building then stop by and visit the Cook lot where Eddie Burton will point out all the features and warranties you need to know about.

“I provide good service, good attitude…I go the extra mile for the customer,” Eddie says. The most popular sheds in Liberty would be the Lofted Barn, which customers use for storage, turn into guest rooms or offices.

Eddie always stresses the Cook rent to own program. Since many people need storage space, but may not have a large down payment, this program works great. The best thing is that at the end of the contract, the customer owns it. You can’t do that with a storage unit you rent at a facility.

“I’ve had people come back and say our prices were right, the quality was right and the warranty was right. They went down the street and found they just don’t offer what Cook does,” Eddie says.

Cook also offers customizable shed options, so if you don’t find exactly what you need on the lot, ask Eddie! “A common question I get is if they can make some changes. I’ve done custom orders on buildings with certain windows, doors etc,” Eddie says. “We try to accommodate them as best we can.”

One of the great things with Cook is that nothing is sourced out. “Our employees build it, I’m a Cook employee who sales it, we deliver it, and warranty items are taken care of by Cook,” Eddie says. “You’re dealing with Cook and Cook only.”

Know your Liberty, TX Shed Dealer

Eddie enjoys surfing, kayaking and traveling. He lives near the area with his wife. With is modular construction background, he’s been in the industry for more than 36 years.

“I want to work at the best company with the best product,” Eddie says, explaining why he loves working with Cook Portable Warehouses.

If you’re searching for the right shed for your business or home, then stop by Cook Portable Warehouses of Liberty Texas.