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    Address 12537 Airline Hwy

    Gonzales, LA 70737


    Phone (225) 647-6705

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    Tuesday – Saturday 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.


    Cook Sheds in Gonzales, LA

    When buying a portable building, you want to know that you’re purchasing from a long lasting company with integrity. Cook Portable Warehouses is that company according to the Cook Dealer in Gonzales, Louisiana.

    At the Gonzales shed lot, there are around 30 buildings to tour to find your perfect size and style shed. But, talk with Cook Dealer Deborah Watts first when you enter the lot so she can direct you to the right shed for your specific needs.

    “I’m informative, to the point and always project honesty. I’m not just trying to move a shed, I want them to be happy now and later after they get their building,” Deborah says, “We have so many choices, so I’m here to help them narrow it down.”

    As you tour the different buildings, remember these main points:

    • Cook buildings come with a lifetime warranty on all treated components.
    • Cook Sales, Inc. began in 1984 (we’re here to stay!).
    • There’s no need to put a Cook shed on blocks or a slab. See why!
    • Cook sheds can be bought off the lot or you can work with Deborah to have a custom shed built and delivered!
    • Cook shed delivery is FREE.*

    Two of the most popular sheds in the area are the Lofted Barns and the Utility Sheds. These are two of Cook’s most versatile sheds that can be used for simple storage or for more creative ideas.

    * Free delivery within 50 miles of any Cook shed lot. Does not include 14’ wide buildings.

    Who is your Gonzales Cook Dealer?

    Deborah has worked in sales for more than 25 years and loves her work. She came to Cook Portable Warehouses after seeing her family members experience success with Cook over the years. Now, she loves working for a company where every day someone with a different need is walking onto her lot.

    If you’re searching for a portable shed in Gonzales, LA, come see Deborah at Cook Portable Warehouses of Gonzales!