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Cook Sheds in Pace FL

Buying a portable building from Cook means you don’t have to worry about anything except filling it up. Pace, Florida shed dealer Rick Martin is here to help you find a superior shed to match your need for more space.

Sheds Built to Last in Florida

Many people’s first encounter with a Cook shed is when they see it coming down the road to be delivered to their neighbor’s house.

Martin has had many referral customers walk in and say, “I saw the building coming down the road. I saw the process and talked to my neighbor about it, and now here I am.”

What Martin impresses upon his customers is the versatility and quality of Cook portable buildings. According to Florida building code, Cook buildings already exceed their standards. See all of our superior siding, flooring and roofing materials.

In Florida, many shed owners worry about termites and wood rot. But, Cook builds their sheds with treated wood graded for ground contact. Not only that, they also offer a lifetime warranty against termites and fungal decay. Learn more about Cook warranties.

Finding a Multi-purpose, Quality Shed

Cook sheds bought from Martin’s shed lot in Pace, FL, have been used for pool houses, offices, dog kennels, even chicken coops.
Whether you’re looking for extra storage space in the warmer months, or looking for workshop space for your projects in the winter, there’s a Cook portable building for you.

Many customers around Pace love the garden sheds and lofted barns, but you can tour all the various shed styles on his lot.

Meet Your Local Florida Shed Dealer

Martin knows he’s done his job when a referral walks in and says, “My neighbor bought a building a while back and he told me to come see you, because you’ll tell me the truth.”

He likes having a conversation with his customers, to understand what purpose they’re trying to accomplish with their building.

“We talk about the different possibilities. They may be looking for one thing, but through our conversations, they may realize they need something different,” Martin said.

“I don’t have to compromise anything when I sell a Cook shed. That makes a big difference. We take care of our customers from the beginning all the through the end of the process,” Martin explained.

Martin, a seasoned salesman, takes pride in knowing he can sell with integrity. In his free time he enjoys fishing, hunting and spending time with his family.