Follow the Cook Portable Warehouses video channel for household and shed storage tips, information about our sheds, warranties and purchasing programs, to see how our sheds function and to hear more from satisfied Cook customers.

How-To Series

The Cook How-To series features videos for every season with tips, tricks and helpful advice about storing your possessions in a Cook shed, taking care of your building and how to convert your shed into an extension of your home.

  • How to Keep Your Hunting Gear Clean and Organized

    How to Keep Your Hunting Gear Clean and Organized

    It’s hunting season once again! It’s important throughout the season and the off-season to keep your gear and clothing in the best shape possible.

  • Important Dos and Don'ts to Remember When Organizing Your Shed

    Important Dos and Don’ts When Organizing Your Shed

    Follow these dos and don’ts for the most creative ways to make the most of your limited space and to know which items are great for storing in your shed and which are best kept inside your house.

  • The Ins and Outs of Organizing your Shed for Warmer Weather

    The Ins and Outs of Organizing your Shed for Warmer Weather

    Before we can all start enjoying those sunny days, you should get your storage shed prepared. Trust us it will save you valuable time and energy later.

  • How to Safely Re-level Your Storage Shed

    How to Safely Re-level Your Shed

    When you choose Cook, you get a fully assembled, set-up and leveled building delivered right to you.
    This leveling process is important to make sure the doors and windows function correctly.

  • How to Prepare your Furniture for Storage in 5 Easy Steps

    How to Prepare Your Furniture for Storage in 5 Easy Steps

    Everyone chooses to store a wide range of items in their portable sheds. That’s one of the perks!
    Sometimes that list includes large pieces of furniture. So follow these steps to make sure your furniture stays in the best shape possible.

  • 4 Space Saving Tips for Your Portable Building

    4 Space Saving Tips for Your Portable Building

    A lot of our customers start filling up their sheds with stuff right when they get them. But this means your building can become full before you know it.

  • Ultimate Exterior Shed Maintenance Checklist

    Ultimate Exterior Shed Maintenance Checklist

    A shed, like a home or a car, requires some ongoing maintenance to keep it looking good. So here are some simple tasks to keep yours looking its best!

  • 4 Ways to Get Your Cook Shed Ready for Spring

    4 Ways to Get Your Cook Shed Ready for Spring

    Spring and the warmer months are here so that means your Cook shed needs a little TLC. And, the beginning of the season is a good time to spruce up your storage building. With a little strategic cleaning and organizing now, you will be ready for another year!

  • Simple Yet Creative Shelving Ideas for Your Storage Building

    Simple Yet Creative Shelving Ideas for Your Storage Building

    So, you have a great Cook shed, but what’s next? Well, you need a place to safely store and display your stuff. And, these do-it-yourself, low-cost shelving options are perfect for anyone.

  • How to Prepare Your Shed During Winter Weather

    How to Prepare Your Shed During Winter Weather

    It’s important to be prepared before winter gets in full swing. And with a little planning, you can safety store anything in your shed all season long. So, use these 4 tips to make sure your shed is ready for the cold season.

  • Tips for Proper Motorcycle Storage During Winter

    Tips for Proper Motorcycle Storage During Winter

    When winter starts, the time for long motorcycle rides is officially over. But it’s important to know how to properly store your motorcycle and keep it in working order until spring.

  • How to Turn Your Cook Portable Warehouse into a Home Gym

    How to Turn Your Portable Warehouse Into a Home Gym

    It’s difficult these days for anyone to make time for the gym. But with a couple of easy tweaks, your Cook shed can be transformed into a great workout space. Here’s how to bring the workout into your shed!

Features and Benefits Series

The Features and Benefits video series shows off the building features that make Cook special.

  • Smart Roof Design

    Smart Roof Design

    Our smart roof design includes gusseted trusses, a drip edge, architectural shingles and a vented ridge.

  • Shallow Groove Siding

    Shallow Groove Siding

    We offer an exclusive Cook 19/32” LP Smartside Shallow Groove Siding.

  • Sidewall Construction

    Sidewall Construction

    Our sidewall construction includes shallow groove siding, double studs and notched wall plates.

  • High Quality Door Features

    High Quality Door Features

    Our door features include storm chains, tension rods, locking door handles and heavy duty 6-inch hinges.

  • How to Turn Your Cook Portable Warehouse into a Home Gym

    Durable Floor Systems

    Our floor system includes notched floor skids, floor decking, pulling blocks and bridge blocks.

Programs Series

Learn more about the customer service programs and flexible purchasing options that are included with purchase of every Cook Portable Warehouse.

  • Smart Roof Design

    Pre-Owned Buildings

    Our pre-owned buildings come with the same standards and warranties as our new sheds at a lower cost.

  • Shallow Groove Siding


    Our Rent to Own program lets customers pay a monthly payment toward the cost of the building and return it anytime.

  • Lowest Price Guarantee

    Lowest Price Guarantee

    Our lowest price guarantee ensures that you can buy anytime and know you are getting the best deal on the market.

  • Warranties


    Our warranties include a lifetime warranty on all treated components and a five year labor and materials warranty.

  • Delivery & Setup

    Delivery & Setup

    Learn more about the quick and efficient delivery and set-up process by our professional fleet staff that comes standard with each and every Cook building.

Customer Testimonials Series

Hear from actual Cook customers as they discuss their experiences during the purchasing process, their interactions with our dealers and representatives and their overall satisfaction with the Cook product!

  • Dororthy Baldwin Customer Testimonial

    Dorothy Baldwin

    After a bad storm moved through her Florida community, Dorothy Baldwin’s home and life were saved thanks to her Cook shed.

  • Shallow Groove Siding

    Bob Smithers

    In need of some extra storage space, Bob Smithers turned to Cook and was completely satisfied with the entire buying and delivery process.

  • Lowest Price Guarantee

    Mike Wilson

    After shopping around, Mike Wilson returned to Cook due to the superior customer service, building quality, competitive prices and complete warranties.

  • Ken Primeaux Customer Testimonial

    Ken Primeaux

    Cook customer Ken Primeaux discusses why he chose Cook Portable Warehouses for his storage needs and why you should too!

  • George Manneman Customer Testimonial

    George Manemann

    George Manemann of Gulfport Mississippi talks about his experience with Cook Portable Warehouses.

Cook Commercials

A Cook building is the perfect place for any hobby or just the answer when you need more space for all your stuff!

  • Christmas Commercial

    Christmas Commercial

    After the holidays are over, what do you do with all that stuff? Cook has the answer!

  • Motorcycle Storage

    Motorcycle Storage

    Keep your motorcycle in your Cook building to ensure it stays looking nice and riding smoothly for years to come.

  • Garden Shed

    Garden Shed

    Our buildings can be the ideal garden shed for anyone with a green thumb with room for tools and plants and even a flower box.

  • Hunting Gear

    Hunting Gear

    A Cook shed is the perfect place to keep all of your hunting gear, clothing and supplies safe and ready for hunting season to start.

  • Extra Storage Space

    Extra Storage Space

    Everyone needs more space to keep their stuff clean and organized and prevent clutter from taking over their home or garage.

  • Football Season

    Football Season

    Football season is one of our favorite times of the year!