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  • Handyman

The Handyman provides enough room for anyone to convert this building into a work space. With two separate doors and a partition wall, you can use this adaptable shed for two different purposes. It also comes with two workbenches, so this serious building is the place to get work done.

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This building is available in two styles: the Lofted Barn style Handyman and the Lofted Utility style Handyman.

Lofted Utility Style Handyman Shed

Lofted Utility style Handyman
with tan lap siding and white trim

Lofted Barn style Handyman Shed

Lofted Barn style Handyman
with tan panel siding and brown trim

Available Options

  • Upgrade to Heavy Duty Floor

    The heavy duty floor includes 3/4" treated decking and floor joists 12" on center with a weight limit of 65 lbs. per sq. ft. The heavy duty floor is standard on all garage style buildings.

  • Various Window Size Options

    Available sizes include:

    • 24” x 36” Standard Window
    • Octagon Window
    Not available in all states

Available Sizes

12 Ft Wide

12' x 24'
12' x 28'
12' x 32'

Select the 12-foot Handyman size if you want to use your shed as a multipurpose space or convert it into an ideal studio or work area.

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  • handyman

  • handyman

  • handyman

  • handyman

This shed can be purchased through our rent to own program. Learn more...

The 360 view and interior gallery feature the Lofted Barn style Handyman.

Standard Dimensions and Specifications

  • The peak of the building is approximately 11’6”

  • The interior sidewall height of a Lofted Barn style Handyman is 6’3”.

  • The interior sidewall height of a Lofted Utility style Handyman is 7’8”.

  • Includes two 24” x 36” windows with shutters.

  • Includes a partition wall and two workbenches.

  • The small room measures 8 x 12 and includes 34” double doors with a 67” opening.

  • The dimensions of the large room vary based on the length of the building and includes a single 36” door with a 35” opening.

  • Only available as a 12’ wide building measured eave to eave.

  • The standard floor includes 5/8" treated decking and floor joists 16" on center with a weight limit of 40 lbs. per sq. ft.

Additional Notes

  • The loft floor can be raised 6" at a cost of $150. This will reduce the loft space and there isn’t a discount for the removal of the loft floor.

  • A 36" x 72" 9-Lite exterior door can only be added on the gable ends of the building.

If this doesn’t look like the right style for you, check out the Barn instead.