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Are you searching for a shed for your home? Cook Portable Warehouses of Nashville is a great place to look! Drew Bonner, Cook shed dealer in Nashville, TN, is there to help you purchase a quality shed at the right size and price.

“I want them to know, these buildings are built so well, they sell themselves,” Drew says. “I’m not just selling them a building. I want them to get the best building for their money.”

“If they’re searching for the best built building that’s going to last them the longest…then this is the right lot,” Drew says.

The most popular shed in Nashville, Tennessee is the Lofted Barn, usually the 8×12 or 10×12. Since most live in residential areas with fencing, Drew does many site checks and measurements before customers purchase.  

Though most are looking for storage, he has had a few customers who have turned their portable building into a music studio or office for their business.  Check out these other creative shed uses!

Drew always encourages them to look into Cook’s Rent-to-Own program.  Drew explains that when you look at the numbers, most of the time Cook sheds are actually cheaper than renting a storage unit in Nashville. Plus, he says, you get the added benefit of owning it at the end of your payments.  

Meet Your Nashville Cook Shed Dealer

Drew began his Cook sheds career in southern Illinois, but after marrying his wife, they moved to Nashville as this lot opened.

He and his wife love the outdoors and so they travel middle Tennessee often for biking and camping trips.

If you’re searching for a portable building, then visit your Nashville shed dealer on Gallatin Road.

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