• 7 inspiring backyard ideas

    Every backyard deserves a little love, and we think it should be in the form of something you love too! From landscaping around your shed, to what’s inside, here are some inspiring backyard shed ideas.

  • backyard bar shed

    Backyard Bar Shed

    We love how the industrial look mixes with a rustic feel in this backyard shed. It’s been outfitted with electricity, insulation and paneling. The stained wood trim, track lighting and shelving adds functionality as well as appeal to the room. It’s a great place to entertain friends and family, or just to relax after a long day at work. See more of this bar shed!

  • She shed

    She Shed

    Credit: sheshedwhat.com
    We love how Julie has landscaped around her shed to match her style inside. She’s added flowers, a gardening center and a table with chairs for casual entertaining. She built a small platform to act as a front stoop where you’ll find more flowers, a welcome sign and wreath. Inside, you’ll find an antique powder blue chest that became her theme inspiration. There are pearls hanging from the chandelier, pictures lining the walls and what looks like THE most comfortable daybed for afternoon reading or watching her favorite show. The other side of the shed she’s built into her craft corner for painting, restoring furniture and more! See more of her she shed here!

  • landscaped garage

    Landscaped Garage

    This customer built a low grade ramp from the gravel drive to the shed door. They’ve added a gravel path to their side door as well for easy access no matter the weather. We love the added bird bath, and stone lined garden to complete the simple, “I’m home” feeling as you drive up. Learn more about Cook’s Garage style shed!

  • backyard entertaining

    Backyard Entertaining

    Whether you’re entertaining inside or outside your shed, a Cook portable building makes a great focal point. We love the simplicity of this shed sitting by the pond with the fire pit and chairs close by. It’s easy to dream of starlit skies in the fall next to this shed! Here are some ideas for hosting outdoor parties by your shed!

  • garden hub

    Garden Hub

    Love gardening and need a place to store all of your tools? The Utility Shed is probably one of the best shed options for this. You have plenty of space for storage and you can add a window or workbench to turn it into your potting shed. Add gravel around the base of the shed, a bench and a few plants to make your shed blend into your backyard landscape. Learn more about the Utility Shed here!

  • handymans workshop

    Handyman’s Workshop

    The Garage is the perfect place to not only store your utility vehicles but also set up your workshop. Add gravel to build a driveway to it for easy access. Build a workbench and shelving in the back portion of the garage to create your workspace. Learn more about how to make your Cook shed into the perfect workshop!

  • Poolside Oasis

    Poolside Oasis

    We are in love with this poolside oasis. The shed acts as a place for pool and home storage, but also adds a colorful wall to their entertaining nook. They’ve added a gravel floor with a stone outline and a firepit in the center. With colorful chairs and nicknacks hung from the fencing, it’s a cozy spot for friends and family to relax year-round. Want to make your shed into a pool house? Learn more here!

  • Ready to build your own backyard oasis?

    Use some of these ideas and let’s find what will fit your needs and backyard best!

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