10 Cheap Ways to Organize Sports Equipment

You’ve probably already been playing basketball with your kids or dragging out all of the softball and T-ball supplies from your shed. So, here are some great ways to save you space in your portable building!

You’ll be able to keep all of your sports equipment organized and clear up some of your precious floor space. If you are looking for extra space for your storage, then we have great options for you! Take a look at all the Cook sheds available and find a dealer close to your area.

Enjoy your favorite sport by first caring for and organizing your equipment (yeah, it’s not that exciting, but you’ll be glad when it’s done!) Here are 10 cheap ways to organize sports equipment in your shed.

 Organizing Your Sports Equipment

Bungee Cords

Instead of building a bin for all of your basketballs, soccer balls, etc, you can use wood and bungee cords to keep them off the ground. Build a u-shape of wood attached to the wall in two locations, 1 a little off the ground and the other a few feet up. Then stretch the bungee cords tight from one u-shape to the other. Then, you can slip your balls in between the cords for easy access but they’ll stay off the ground.


Wire Baskets

Baskets on tall shelves or in the loft are great for storing smaller items like gloves, baseballs, helmets etc.


Adhesive Hooks 

These have so many uses! You can use these hooks to hang just about anything. Best part is most of them remove easily without leaving a footprint on your walls. You can hang up helmets, sports bags, jackets and more!


PVC Pipes

This is such a cool idea and just takes a little bit of skill. These instructions show you how to use PVC pipe to build a bike rack or a ball holder. PVC pipes have so many uses besides just for plumbing.

PVS Pipes Use for Sports Equipment Organization


How much cheaper can you get?! Pallets can usually be found around town at different businesses. A lot of times they’re grateful you’re taking them off their hands! So, why not use them to help you get organized?

Clean & Scentsible has a great tutorial for taking a pallet and making into a great place to store bats, hockey sticks, tennis rackets and more. Here are their instructions.  

Pallet-Sports-Organizer from clean and scentsible

Hanging Net 

This can be great to use for overhead space. Just don’t put anything too heavy up there! Use it for smaller items like wiffle balls, baseball gloves and dodgeballs.


5 Gallon Buckets

What are these not good for?! If you need things to be a little more portable, such as tennis balls, baseballs, golf balls, and smaller equipment like gloves, hats, helmets, then this is a great solution. You store it and carry it to the field all in the same container.


Plastic Bins 

Another staple in shed organization, but they really are helpful. Put these on a shelf, labeled and you’ll always know where to find your sports supplies.


Wooden Crates 

These are great for stacking, or even hanging on the wall! We love what Domestically-Speaking did with their sports station. They took crates and attached them to the walls to hold all of their equipment in one spot and off the ground. Check here for their instructions.  

Garage-Sports-Organization-with-Crates from domestically speaking


If you purchase a Handyman Cook shed, one side of the shed comes with a built in pegboard perfect for this solution!  Here’s how you can add hooks and other embellishments to use your pegboard for hanging sports equipment.   

So, take the time to organize your shed for all the fun this time of year offers. Watch this quick video to give you some more tips on organizing your shed.

Don’t have a shed yet? Let’s take a look at your options!