10 More Creative Uses for Portable Warehouses


With a little ingenuity, there’s no limit to how portable sheds can be used!

In an earlier blog post, we shared some unconventional shed uses that really inspired us. Since that time, we’ve come across even more ideas to add to the list. Check them out below!

  • Recording Studio

Produce music in your own dedicated recording studio!  Convert your portable shed for a nice, quiet atmosphere. Just add recording equipment and some talent!

  • Photography/Videography Studio

If you already have a camera or video camera, you’ll only need a few more things to turn your shed into a personal studio. Pick up a few basic backdrops, a tripod, and some lighting equipment to get started.

  • Print Shop

Fill your shed with a standard printer, wide format printer, letterpress, vinyl cutter, etc. to create your own print shop!


  • Car Restoration

How’s the restoration of that ’73 Firebird coming along? It would probably be better if you had a private space to continue the restoration process. Portable sheds can provide the perfect environment for car restoration. And your family will love having more room in the garage!

  • Bar/Pub

Do you enjoy going to the bar but lack the motivation to actually leave your home? Why not create a bar in your own backyard? Stock your shed full of some favorite drinks and invite friends over to watch the big game. Add a dart board and ping pong table for extra enjoyment.

  • Hunting

Update your hunting methods. Get out of that tree stand and seek comfort in your new hunting shed!  A portable warehouse can act as your home-away-from-home while you’re off on a big hunt.

  • Camping/Slumber Parties

Don’t feel safe letting your children go camping in the woods? Set up camp in a portable building!  (Bonus: no bugs!) You can also give your children a sense of freedom by letting them have slumber parties here.  You’ll know they’re safe, and they’ll be grateful for their own space!

  • Pantry/Survivalist Den

Maybe you believe in extreme couponing, find yourself prepping for an apocalypse, or just have a large collection of food items. Whatever the case, portable warehouses are an excellent place to store and organize your stockpile!


  • Yoga/Meditation Room

Separate yourself from the busy home environment and retreat to your own yoga or meditation shed.

  • Guest House

Do you always dread having the in-laws or out-of-town guests come to visit? Portable warehouses can help alleviate the stress. Set your shed up with all of the amenities: a bed, a generator, heat, air conditioning, running water, a bathroom, etc. If you put some work into it, your guests might think they’re staying in a 5-star hotel!

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