Bring Back that Old Garage Band with your Own Portable Shed

Maybe you’ve got a son who’s really into the drums right now, or maybe you’ve been neglecting your own musical talent for a few years. Either way, a well built shed could be the right option for your garage band practice.  Garage bands aren’t just a thing of the past. Several of today’s well-known musical groups also came from such humble … Read More

Build a Functional Home Office by Avoiding These Mistakes

A home office is a great asset, especially in the digital, post COVID-19 world we live in. Even if you’re only working from home a day or two a week, having a dedicated space can take you from a mediocre, distracted day, to a fully focused, productive day. 

5 Reasons to Turn Your Shed Into a Home Office

Working from home has become a bigger trend since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Bringing work home quickly transformed from being taboo to the norm. The problem was many didn’t have an adequate workspace to stay focused throughout the day. At home, there are many other demands than those of just our boss. 

Top Home Office Organization Tips

So many across the nation are recreating their traditional office spaces. COVID-19 has forced many of us to work from our home’s kitchen tables or a corner in the living room or even just the couch and coffee table.  If you find yourself needing to work from home long-term, a Cook Portable Warehouse can be easily converted into a home … Read More

Creative Welcome Signs (that don’t just say “Welcome”)

One of the fun parts of decorating your home or even your shed, is adding a welcoming entrance. You can add a welcome mat, colorful plants, even paint your door a bright, inviting color.  But, one simple way to greet your guests is by creating a welcome sign. This sign doesn’t always have to say “welcome,” though. Get creative and … Read More

Own a Shed? Here’s How To Turn It Into An Office Or Studio

If you’d like a quiet place to work from home, covert your shed into a home office! Portable buildings also serve as great studios and hobby centers. While you could use the shed just as it comes, some people prefer to go above and beyond, creating a truly ideal work space for their needs. It’s important to note that this should only … Read More

5 Home Improvements to Make with Your Tax Refund

Are you expecting a little bit back from your taxes this year? Great! Take it and invest in your home. It’s tempting to spend it on something fun, so maybe put $50 aside for a nice night out and then spend the rest toward improving your home.