10 Unique Uses for Your Portable Building

Everyone has a need for a Cook Portable Warehouse, because everyone has stuff and hobbies they love.

When we asked some of our customers why they were looking for a portable building, many said for storage, but others started thinking outside the box.

You may want to consider some of these unique uses for your portable building:

Unique Uses for Your Portable Building


  • Tiny Home

We’ve had many customers looking for an easy way to downsize.  With the quality of materials used to construct Cook sheds, these are perfect to make a tiny home.  

You can add electricity, plumbing and special storage solutions to make it the perfect little house.

  • Laundry Room

Tired of heating up your home with your dryer?  Always looking for a place to hang special clothes to dry? A Cook shed could be the right solution for you!

  • Repair Shop

One customer’s son races 4-wheelers and so they wanted a space to repair them.  

Or maybe you’re looking to restore a classic car. Or perhaps you just want a space to make minor repairs to your lawn mower or other yard equipment.  Cook sheds are spacious and well made to keep your items safe and away from the elements.  

  • Homeschooling

If you homeschool, it can be difficult to separate home time and school time.  Adding a Cook portable building as an extra area for homeschooling could be the right solution.  Make it into your art, music or homework space.  You can download our free guide for getting your shed back to school ready here.

Homeschooling in Portable Building + Cook Portable Warehouses

  • Animal Rescue

With the right set-up and heating/cooling capabilities, you can turn your shed into a safe haven for your pets. One customer owned an animal rescue and needed extra room so they began looking at sheds to fulfill their needs.   

 Animal Rescue in Shed + Cook Portable Warehouses

  • Rabbitry

Thinking of starting your own rabbitry? There’s many questions and considerations to make before you do. Check with your zoning authorities, decide on the purpose of raising the rabbits and how they’ll be cared for.

A Cook portable building could be the perfect starting place for your rabbitry.  Want to learn more about raising your own rabbits? Click here.


  • Hunting Cabin

Are you gearing up for hunting season? Adding a hunting cabin to your property can make your early morning hunts a little easier.  


  • Model Railroad Building Space

One customer wanted a designated space for them to build their model railroad. No matter your hobby, a Cook shed will make a great space for you to work and create.


  • Refinishing Shop

One customer is a musician and so was looking for a shed to not only hold band practice, but to refinish guitars and furniture.  

Cook sheds make a great workshop for woodworking and refinishing.  


  • Our Favorite: “To move my jerky business out of my wife’s kitchen.”

Customers are always finding ways to start their business in a shed.  And we love hearing their ideas! Clothing boutiques, barbershops, or plant nurseries have all converted a Cook shed into their business.  

We suspect this man’s wife was pretty excited when he finally got out of her kitchen.  (maybe he read our Pro-husband tips and realized his need for a shed!)

Be a pro-husband + cook portable Warehouses

If you need room for your stuff, whether that be for your hobby, extra supplies or your business, a Cook shed is the perfect solution!

Want to learn more about our customizable shed options? Download our free guide below.