How a Shed Benefits Your Small Business

In today’s remote business world, more and more people are able to manage and fulfill their business dreams right at home. But as such, it also means it can sometimes be harder to find boundaries for work and home. You’re dealing with your needs, customer needs, your employees/coworkers’ needs, your family’s needs, etc. Our advice?  

Convert your Cook Shed into a Tiny Home

One of the biggest trends in home buying and ownership are tiny homes. These small, more economical spaces allow couples or families to reduce their possessions and monthly living costs and increase efficiency, while cutting their carbon footprint. You might have seen it on television on shows like Tiny House Hunters or Tiny House Nation, but don’t think a tiny … Read More

[Quiz] Do You Need a Garage Sale or Storage Shed?

Everyone could use more space, whether it’s for a hobby, business or their home. But, maybe you’re not sure if it’s time to get a storage shed just yet. Let’s figure out if it’s time to declutter or time to invest in better solutions.

Why These 3 Rooms Need You To Add A Backyard Shed

Think through each room of your house. Is there anything you wish was just somewhere else? Over the years, we’ve discovered there are at least three rooms in most homes that could benefit from adding a Cook shed to the backyard. 

6 Personalities of a Shed Owner

Everyone has different needs for their shed. But it goes beyond that, we know when a new person walks on any of our shed lots, we’re dealing with different personalities who prioritize and value different things. 

3 Essentials for Building a Man Cave

Your man cave is going to be a sacred space. It’s a place that will be built just for you (Ok, maybe it’ll be built for you and a few others in the family, but mostly you.) There are three essentials for you to move forward with the perfect backyard Man Cave.

Bring Back that Old Garage Band with your Own Portable Shed

Maybe you’ve got a son who’s really into the drums right now, or maybe you’ve been neglecting your own musical talent for a few years. Either way, a well built shed could be the right option for your garage band practice.  Garage bands aren’t just a thing of the past. Several of today’s well-known musical groups also came from such humble … Read More

Sent to the Dog House? Let’s Give It An Upgrade

What’s your dog house like? No, not your dog Jack’s four walls and a roof in the backyard. We’re talking about your own four walls and a roof (hopefully) where you go when you’ve discovered you didn’t notice her new hair cut, or you forgot to load the dishwasher, or you accidentally put her favorite shirt in the dryer…yeah we’ve … Read More