10 Ways to Organize your Stuff and Save Money


Many of us feel the joint quest to save money while keeping our homes, garages and storage sheds tidy and organized. One easy way to do this is by repurposing items you already have in your house in different and more creative ways!

At Cook, we are all about saving our customers or potential customers money and making their lives just a little bit easier! That’s why we offer flexible buying programs like pre-owned sheds, the Rent to Own program and an easy to schedule delivery process!

So here are 10 more creative (and inexpensive or free) storage ideas inspired by Pinterest! If you are looking for more tips, check out last year’s Pinterest blog post with ideas for your shed! You will definitely be inspired and ready to get organizing!

1) Repurpose any old shutters you have in your basement or attic as a paper organizer. With a coat of fresh and colorful paint, they will look brand new and can hold mail, important papers, notes and more either inside your house or in your Cook storage shed!

2) Use spare ice cube trays to hold all those small items that tend to get lost in the shuffle. Keep your desk, craft project or tool box organized and stop losing (and having to buy extras) of paper clips, nails, washers, buttons and much more!

3) Turn an unused mattress spring into a place to organize anything you need hung up or as an idea board for all those ongoing home and garden projects! All you have to do is lean it against the wall and you’re ready to go.

4) Use the head of an old or broken rake and turn it into a place to hang things like necklaces, rope, or hoses. Just wash, scrub and paint the rake before use.

5) Repurpose any wooden crates you have around the house or can get for little to nothing at garage sales or wine stores for easy to install storage.  Just stack them together and stabilize the structure to a wall with L brackets. You can also add castor wheels to the bottom and make the storage unit mobile.

6) Utilize a clean dish holder for file folders and other important papers. The utensil area is also the perfect spot to keep pens, pencils and other writing utensils. Because most come with a rubber coating, they are durable and multi-purpose.

7) One of the most useful items in any storage area is a peg board. You can personalize it with paint, design and decals and add it to any wall. Then, hang anything and everything you need from it! It’s as easy as that!

8) Grab an old ladder (someone is always throwing one out) and reuse it to display blankets, towels, rags and anything else you need to grab on a regular basis.

9) Mount spare garden baskets to the wall for a catch-all container for anything and everything. It’s a great place for those things that need to stay off the floor and stay clean!

10) With a new coat of paint, 3 old cake pans and 2 extra candlestick holders can quickly below a three-tiered tray to hold all those supplies and loose ends!

Are you looking for more home organization tips and tricks from Cook Portable Warehouses? Click below for our FREE resource that provides one valuable tip for each space in your house and yard! And check out the Cook Pinterest page for more great tips!