11 Ways to Turn a Shed into the Perfect Children’s Playhouse


It’s no question that kids need a lot of space. With all of their excessive energy and running around, it can be difficult to keep up. Are you exhausted by the tornado of toys that your home has become? Consider turning a backyard shed into a wonderful play area for your kids!

Here are 11 ideas for converting a shed into the perfect children’s playhouse:

  1. Craft Corner

Play-Doh monsters, colorful drawings, or macaroni art – whatever it is your children like to make, give them a creative space and let their imaginations run wild!


  1. Art Gallery

When your kids have finished with their masterpieces, let them display the artwork in their very own gallery.


  1. Dress Up Center

Create a designated dress up area for whatever your children want to be today. A fireman, a superhero, a princess, or a rock star…the opportunities are endless!


  1. Performance Stage

Encourage your kids to show off their talents and new identities with help from a makeshift stage.


  1. Puppet Theatre

Are your children hesitant to show off their abilities? A puppet theatre will allow them to express themselves without fear of showing their faces.


  1. Play Store/Kitchen

Let make-believe come closer to reality with the help of these props.


  1. Reading Area

Get children started at a young age by making reading fun.


  1. Racecar Mat

What kid doesn’t love a racecar mat?


  1. Game Table

Spend time with your children by playing games together.


  1. Chalkboard

Unleash their imagination with just one piece of chalk!


  1. Storage for Toys and Games

Creating messes is always fun, but at the end of the day, it’s important to teach your children the value of cleaning up after themselves. Make this process simple for yourself and your kids by providing specified storage spaces.


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Your children (and your house) will thank you later!