3 Books to Read this Winter to Tailor your Next Backyard Blueprint


As the winter season starts, it’s the perfect time to invest in your home, inside and out!

Many people have already started the process of winterizing their home, or have begun thinking about that next addition to help bring up its value. It’s never the wrong time to start planning ahead with the purchase of a Cook Portable Warehouse.

Whether you’re still on the fence or have already made the jump into protecting your stuff, don’t worry! We know it can be tough to decide what to do with all that freedom and space.

So, what’s better than curling up and getting cozy with a good book during the winter months? How about these 3 books that can also get you started on the path toward the backyard of your dreams.

1) “The Joy of Sheds” by Frank Hopkinson

This book details the history of sheds, the niche culture surrounding them, and how their use has helped to shape some of our best music and inventions. Other chapters include created in sheds, shed art, specialty sheds, sheds at the movies and shed plans.

Hopkinson’s words are layered with sincerity and include great ideas for anyone looking to step up their game with a portable building!

Sheds have been turned into bars, museums, bowling alleys and so much more. Check out this post for 10 more creative ideas about how to specialize your Cook shed. Or if you just need extra space for your storage needs, a Cook building works for that too!

Use inexpensive pegboard and PVC pipes to hang or hold tools and other supplies on the walls of your shed.

2) “Home Outside: Creating the Landscape You Love” by Julie Moir Messervy

This work is filled with gorgeous color pictures and the knowledge of someone with over 3 decades of experience in landscape design. The images will make it easy to image you own twist on landscape design right in your backyard.

Ideas range from budget conscious and practical, to lavish and extraordinary, there’s something for everyone to make your unit the cherry on top of your home’s landscape. Here are more tips to easily integrate your Cook shed into your existing home.

Tip: Add flower boxes, trees, shrubs or other potted plants around the side of your building. Growing vines and trellises are also an easy to care for and make your building look like part of your garden.

3) “Shed Chic: Outdoor Buildings for Work, Rest, and Play” by Sally Coulthard

The author mixes her knowledge with beautiful color illustrations, which can provide the inspiration you need to create your own private paradise. Whether it’s as a pool shed, office space, guest quarters, or anything else, there are helpful ideas for design and decoration.

Ideas center on maximizing the available space in your portable shed and inspiring you to get started with creative ideas. This is a must-read for the budding backyard landscaper and Cook portable shed owner!

Tip: Use or repurpose things you already have on hand like pallets, mason jars or gardening tools that are no longer usable for decor in your shed. Here are 10 Pinterest-Inspired ideas to help enhance the look of your shed.

With these guides in hand and backed by our lifetime warranty and lowest price guarantee, there is nothing out of the realm of possibility or budget, when you choose a Cook building.

To learn more about how to perfectly fit a Cook building into your yard, click on our free fitting guide below.