What’s In Your Shed? A Year-Round Checklist

Maximizing space is a necessity whether you have a small or large home. Everyone has their own interests and space needs and at times it can feel a little too crowded. So, we’ve compiled a few tips and checklists to help you maximize your storage space and keep everyone’s things stored safely. 

Our Top 5 Favorite Space Saving Techniques

If you’re like most American families, you’re utilizing all of your space in the house, garage and shed. But, most aren’t using it efficiently. That means, there’s probably room for improvement for at least one room in your home.  So, today, we’re tackling space efficiency in your shed. We’ve found 5 space saving techniques that we think are a great … Read More

Create Your Winter Bucket List [Free Printable]

The winter blues can get to you quickly if you don’t stay focused and productive. So, even if you’re snowed in for a few days, find ways to accomplish something and make new memories

How to Reclaim Your Closets and Garage

At one time that room was organized. You had everything labeled. You had extra shelving built in and it all looked amazing. Then, your kids came along. Now, you’re worried about having even a simple pathway in and out of rooms. 

You Don’t Have Too Much Stuff

We live in an age where you hear the message of declutter and downsize constantly. And nothing is inherently wrong with that. But, for many of us, it can quickly become discouraging as you glance around your home and feel like there is too much stuff and no time to do a deep purge.

Seasonal Storage Shed Options

Each season has its own storage challenges. You may have an almost empty garage or shed during the Christmas season, but then after the holidays you’re desperate for more space. Or, during Summer you may purchase some new yard tools (or toys!) and discover your space just isn’t large enough for everything.

The DIY Prep Guide to Winter Weather

  Holidays and winter weather can be a strain on your family and your budget. Snow can keep you cooped up and possibly stranded at home. Less money for the essentials and a slick, icy road can make this season a rough one. But, have you ever considered making some of those essentials yourself? A little do-it-yourself spirit goes a … Read More

Winter Storage Guide: Cars and More!

If you have nice things, you probably want to keep them out of the elements. That’s never more true than in the winter time. Cold temperatures and moisture can wreak havoc on every type of hardware, tool or toy you call your own. But, what’s the best way for keeping your stuff safe?

The Winter Prep Guide for Surviving the Cold

Homeowners be warned: Jack Frost is rolling into town. Sounds like the opening to a horror movie, right? That’s not too far off. Some are already seeing snow, cold winds and utility bills that would make Franz San Galli roll in his grave. Before you start hunkering down for another snowpocalypse, take a few steps to shore up your home … Read More

The (Lesser-Known) Essential Winter Emergency Checklist

If you’ve checked out our Winter Prep guide, you’re already ahead of the curve! But, of course, your property isn’t the only thing you have to look out for when the cold weather hits. What about your home? Your family? Or your rumbling tummy when the power goes out and the food from your freezer spoils? Winter preparedness guides are … Read More