3 Creative Cold Weather Uses for your Shed


Seasons with extreme weather like the sweltering heat of summer or frigid cold of winter leads everyone to spend more time inside our houses. But sometimes with all those people, pets and clutter your home can start to feel a little too small.

Well, a Cook shed provides that extra space that can be essential during those frosty winter months. Stay warming and having additional space in your house is just a few steps away with Cook’s simple buying options and purchasing process.

We offer flexibility to meet any buyer’s needs and expectations including our less expensive pre-owned buildings with the same great warranties and our Rent-to-Own program that allows customers to make monthly payments toward the overall cost of the shed.

Here are 3 creative uses for your Cook shed tailored to the cold weather months.

Helps you stay out of the cold

When the temperature decreases, staying inside in front of a roaring fire is always a great option. But what if you need to get outside to get some exercise, entertain or even smoke that special holiday cigar?

Turning your Cook warehouse into an extension of your home to fit your needs is easier than you think. If you can’t get out to the gym as much as you want, turn your shed into a simple home gym with the addition of equipment and supplies. To learn more about how to convert your space into your very own gym, read this post!

Other ideas include making it a space to store any outdoor entertaining supplies like a chairs, a fire pit, blankets and grilling supplies. Or think about those things that you brave the cold weather to do. For example, make your Cook shed into a cigar smoking shed. Decorate it to your liking (like your very own man cave) but don’t forget ash trays, playing cards and a mini-fridge!

Keeps your furry friends warm

Although pets have a fur coat to protect them from cold weather, it’s always a good idea to have a place outside they can go to get out of the weather. And turning your shed into a dog (or cat) house is easier than you think.

Outfit the interior with blankets, sheets, pillows or a large pet bed and install shelving close to the top of the building to store food, toys and other extras in plastic bins.

Or convert your shed into a chicken coop by building some simple perches and nest boxes with scrap wood. Owning chickens continue to increase in popularity and you get delicious fresh eggs daily!

Provides room for everything

Protect all your important and expensive belongings like your vehicles, lawn mower, grill, patio furniture and more inside your Cook building all winter. Use it as a storage place for that extra clutter that piles up when family members are home for the holidays or as a staging area for entertaining.

What about a space for all those presents that are cluttering up your kitchen or dining space to keep them away from curious family members! Or turn your Cook building into a wrapping paper room to keep those bags and bags of wrapping and tissue paper organized. Then, you know you’ll have a place to wrap gifts for years to come.

The potential uses for a Cook building are endless from a converted chicken coop to a wrapping paper room; it can be anything you need it to be! See how you can make your dream for more space a reality and how our many warranties ensure customer satisfaction! Or sign-up below and one of our dealers will contact you today!