3 Easy Ways to Winterize your Vehicles and Equipment


There are several smart ways to protect those larger belongings that have to be stored all winter. The first and most important component is having a safe, secure and accessible place to store and retrieve those things, if needed throughout the season.

A Cook building can be delivered right to your backyard and includes building features that keep the snow and ice out and your stuff in great shape.

For example, the Cook Smart Roof Design includes gusseted trusses that strengthen the roof system and prevent any potential sagging from snow and ice. Notched wall plates in the sidewall construction create a better seal against the effects of weather. Storm chains, as one of our many high quality door features, keep sheds safe from high winds.

Along with the smart investment of a Cook portable building, here are 3 other important ways to winterize your larger belongings and keep everything in tip-top shape throughout the winter.

  It’s important to check all vehicles, boats, motorcycles, lawn mowers, etc. before storing them for the winter. Take a short drive with each one and listen for any atypical noises. Remember to check the battery and tire pressure.

Don’t let those important parts on your more expensive items rust. Spray WD-40 on any exposed metal and check equipment for oil stains. Apply a degreaser to oil stains, wait 15 minutes, then wipe down and rinse with a hose.

A weather proof car cover is another good wintertime investment. Check all owners’ manuals for specific maintenance requirements, including whether to drain fuel prior to storage.

2)  Along with repairs, each piece of equipment should be given a complete cleaning. After a spring and summer of heavy use, things can get really dirtier. For example, grass clipping and other debris builds up in the undercarriage of your lawn mower and should be removed. Use a hose, putty knife and car wash soap, to clean before storing back in your Cook shed.

Replace any parts that are damaged, warped or bent to prevent premature wear and tear on your machines. Doing these often simple repairs will save tons of money in the long run.

3)  For your vehicles, change the oil before tucking your car, boat or motorcycle in storage for the winter. This prevents any damage to the engine and future corrosion. Add a fuel preservative to prevent the oxidation process of existing fuel and prevent clogs to the fuel system. Also, add a corrosion inhibitor to the coolant system.

To prevent flat spots in your tires put the vehicle on jacks or use tire cradles, designed to distribute the vehicle’s weight. Apply a coat of paint sealant to keep that hot paint job protected from any airborne contaminants. For additional reasons why you should keep your vehicles safe inside your Cook shed throughout winter, read this post!

Finding an ideal place to store these items is key to having that valuable peace of mind when winter storms hit. If you are still using a messy garage or inconvenient self-storage unit, than a Cook Portable Warehouse could be the answer for you! Click below to learn more about the Cook Difference!