3 Keys to Shopping for your Perfect Future Shed

Choosing the right shed for your family or business isn’t an easy task. At Cook, we totally understand the stress and anxiety that often comes with the shed shopping and buying process. And we want to alleviate those feelings for our customers!

So first we provide helpful information up front, so every person in the market for a portable building knows exactly what to expect and can get the shed of their dreams. And if you aren’t 100 percent sure that you need a backyard warehouse, take this quiz!

In fact, we have more than 50 blogs with tips, guidance, and other helpful advice on selecting the right size, colors, features, and more for your building.

Then, it’s time to explore the options (Cook has eight different building styles!). You can visit one of our convenient, local lots (find your closest local dealer with this mapping tool)! Our dealers are there to answer any questions you have in a low-pressure atmosphere.

Visiting our Cook Portable Warehouse lots allows prospective customers to walk through and experience the features and look of our sheds in real time. But if you can’t make it to one of our locations, no worries you can also build your dream shed online with this interactive tool!

Shopping for Future Shed -- Lofted Barn Cook Portable Warehouses


Here are 3 things to consider when shopping for your perfect future shed (either in person or online)!


Consider your needs

Talk to your family and decide what you plan to do with this extra space. It could be storage space, a bonus room that you don’t have the space for inside your home, or really anything! Check out our guide with creative shed ideas below!

For example, if you need to store a lot of tall large items one of our lofted buildings (the Lofted Barn or Lofted Garage) is most likely the right choice. Or if you have a green thumb, then our versatile Garden Shed (that comes with a flower box), is the best choice for you!


Be smart about size

When considering the size of your shed, don’t just think about the storage space you need now, but really consider how your family or business might grow over the years. Our expert dealers always advise customers to go up one size from the one you think you might need.

Remember you want space to move around comfortably and for any future items that you might collect. Hear more from Cook dealers in this blog. We have buildings starting at 8×12 all the way up to 12×32 to meet everyone’s needs.


Make it your own

One of the best things about selecting a Cook shed is having the ability to customize your building to your exact specifications. Not only can you choose from a variety of sizes and colors for both the siding and shingles, you can also add or take off certain features.

Customers can add features like a heavy-duty floor, extra windows or doors as well as shutters and a flower box (for an extra charge) to some of our Cook portable buildings. We want our customers to get everything they need in a storage shed, so you can choose one of our distinctive styles and make it your own!


To get more ideas on making your Cook Portable Warehouse into a creative, cool space all your own, download the Ultimate Shed Reference Guide below!