Why These 3 Rooms Need You To Add A Backyard Shed

Think through each room of your house. Is there anything you wish was just somewhere else? Over the years, we’ve discovered there are at least three rooms in most homes that could benefit from adding a Cook shed to the backyard. 

6 Personalities of a Shed Owner

Everyone has different needs for their shed. But it goes beyond that, we know when a new person walks on any of our shed lots, we’re dealing with different personalities who prioritize and value different things. 

3 Essentials for Building a Man Cave

Your man cave is going to be a sacred space. It’s a place that will be built just for you (Ok, maybe it’ll be built for you and a few others in the family, but mostly you.) There are three essentials for you to move forward with the perfect backyard Man Cave.

Cook Beginnings: Why We Offer a Rental Option

One of the keys in business is to not only pay attention to the market, but to listen to your customers. What are they saying, what struggles are they facing, what options are they choosing over you? When we started Cook Portable Warehouses, we sort of fell into it because of some excess lumber we had. You can read that … Read More

Sent to the Dog House? Let’s Give It An Upgrade

What’s your dog house like? No, not your dog Jack’s four walls and a roof in the backyard. We’re talking about your own four walls and a roof (hopefully) where you go when you’ve discovered you didn’t notice her new hair cut, or you forgot to load the dishwasher, or you accidentally put her favorite shirt in the dryer…yeah we’ve … Read More

5 Key Features of the Best Backyard Shed

Every backyard is different and every family’s needs for a backyard shed are different. So, the features you need will be slightly different too. But, we’ve been building sheds since 1984 and since then we’ve continued to modify our designs to ensure we’re building the best building, with the best materials at the most affordable cost. 

Cook Beginnings: Excess Lumber, An Old Fishing Trailer and Ingenuity

Excess lumber, a handy carpenter and an innovative father/son team clumsily brought Cook Portable Warehouses to fruition. Before the first building was even completed, they’d already sold it to a local man who decided the color, the roof style and more. They hadn’t even said it was for sale yet!

Do You Really Need a Shed?

You’re thinking about getting a shed. But, is it the right time? Do you need a storage shed or would something else suffice?