3 Life Lessons to Learn from Cook’s Top Dealer

Each day we face choices. Sometimes fun, sometimes devastating circumstances happen to us, but even in those circumstances there are still choices. What are you choosing today?

For 18 years, Jerry Evans has sold sheds in Spring Hill, Florida and is now Cook Portable Warehouses’ number 1 dealer.  

But, he didn’t start out as a shed dealer.  As an 81-year old, he’s tried retirement, he’s moved across the country and yet, he found himself longing for something else. He missed working and talking to people all day.

From his story, here are three life lessons we’ve learned from our top dealer.

Cook Portable Warehouses Visits Spring Hill FL Dealer

Always be willing to try something new

After trying retirement for 13 years, Evans decided to move back to Florida and go back to work. In the past he sold mobile homes, but was now looking for something new.

He owned land and had heard about Cook and so decided to make the call.

“Give me 3 buildings and let’s see what happens,” is what he told Cook.  The next week he asked for three more and then the next week he needed four more.

Now, 18 years later, he’s still selling sheds and is the number one seller of Cook Portable Warehouses.

Just think if he’d never decided to try something new in his 60’s?

Jerry Evans  + Cook Portable Warehouses Top Dealer

Be Honest and Persevere

“Can I talk to you like a friend?” is Evans’ motto when you come on his lot.  He prides himself on being not only friendly, but honest and sincere with his customers.  

“I try not to put out false statements, and they recognize and appreciate that,” he said.

But, it’s more than just being honest, it’s about facing the challenges and persevering.  

“It’s a very competitive world. You have to do your best and keep plugging,” Evans said.    

He knows each of his customers are different and they each have a different need. “There’s an art to this, just like there is anything else.  Every deal is different, that’s what makes it exciting” he said. So his business goal is to work with each individual client to help them find what they need, that still fits into their budget.

 Spring Hill Florida Cook Dealer Lot + Cook Portable WarehousesSpring Hill Florida Cook Dealer + Cook Portable Warehouses

Love what you do

Again, he tried retirement and he doesn’t see himself ever going back. He loves what he does!

“I don’t take off. I don’t fish. I don’t play golf. I sell sheds and I love it,” Evans said.

Our Cook dealers across the country all have their own story we are proud to tell.  Here are a few more!

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