Realizations of a Quarantined Family

    They have a nice house. Decent yard. But, as soon as the call came through that they needed to quarantine for 14 days…the walls definitely felt like they were closing in a bit. 

Sent to the Dog House? Let’s Give It An Upgrade

What’s your dog house like? No, not your dog Jack’s four walls and a roof in the backyard. We’re talking about your own four walls and a roof (hopefully) where you go when you’ve discovered you didn’t notice her new hair cut, or you forgot to load the dishwasher, or you accidentally put her favorite shirt in the dryer…yeah we’ve … Read More

Build a Functional Home Office by Avoiding These Mistakes

A home office is a great asset, especially in the digital, post COVID-19 world we live in. Even if you’re only working from home a day or two a week, having a dedicated space can take you from a mediocre, distracted day, to a fully focused, productive day. 

4 Dreamy She Sheds [+Infographic]

She sheds are a place that women can relax and enjoy time to themselves or with friends. They are a place where you can escape the craziness that comes with work and family life. A place you can’t be bothered. Bring your she shed to life with a shed from Cook Portable Warehouses. Cook offers eight versatile shed styles to … Read More

What to Do with Your Loved One’s Belongings

After a loved one passes away, it can be difficult seeing reminders of them everywhere in your home or theirs. You loved them, still want them with you, and yet only their things remain. The pain is real and the thought of letting go of any of their things just causes you more heartache. Though everyone experiences loss, it can … Read More

Cook Declutter Challenge: 10 Minutes or Less

Decluttering doesn’t have to be a difficult task. There are many ways you can break it down to make the task less daunting and a lot more enjoyable. If you commit 5-10 minutes everyday for a week to a certain space, you will start seeing progress. You can even spend more time each day, or less, but remember, every minute ... Read More

Make Gardening a Family Event

As your children grow and gain more independence you may feel like your family is growing apart. But, it doesn’t have to.  This is when you can begin working on changing your family dynamic. So, how do you start opening up more dialogue and continue working as a family team? Gardening is a great way to do this! With a … Read More

How to Stay Prepared During Tornado Season

As tornado season begins, the two most important things to remember are these: -Tornadoes can happen ANY time of the year, at ANY time of the day -Always heed the warnings and take shelter even if you can’t see the tornado You’ve witnessed the destruction tornadoes have had on various parts of the country. You know how unpredictable their path ... Read More

Free Camping Apps for Your Next Adventure

Camping is a fun activity for kids, families all the way to the most experienced outdoorsman. As you begin enjoying Spring weather, you may want to dig into your shed and get all of your camping supplies organized and cleaned off for another year!