3 Reasons Your Big Box Store Shed May Fail

 Not Cook

You may be considering a shed you saw at your favorite big box store in town. There are many who do choose these shed options.


But, after constructing sheds for 35+ years, we just like to caution customers on making a hasty purchasing decision. We want our customers to have all the facts as they choose the shed that will become their workshop, storage room or garage.

So, let’s look at the three top reasons your big box store shed may not last as long as you would like.

  • Materials used may not be sufficient.

A quick walk through will not tell you everything you need to know about how these sheds are constructed, and the materials used. You want to ensure that the siding will not need painting or staining annually. And, you want to ensure the siding will not suffer warp a few years down the road. Especially those in moist climates, you don’t want your shed floor to rot leaving all of your valuables exposed.

With Cook, we use LP Smartside® which is virtually twice as thick as what most big box stores offer. This siding resists delamination, discoloration and rot. Since we’ve chosen this siding, we’ve had 0 warranty claims on siding defects. We also use ground contact rated, pressure treated lumber  and LP ProStruct ® decking in our floor system. This is not a feature used by our competitors. With Cook, you don’t even have to have a concrete slab or cinder blocks. You can have your shed sit directly on the ground.

  • Construction may not match your standards.

You are purchasing your shed to withstand the elements and time. Choosing a shed that will only last a few years is not a good investment. There is a difference between how we build our sheds and how our competitors build their portable sheds. Our design meets certain wind load and structural load bearing requirements. We can stick to these requirements by building all of our sheds in a quality-controlled environment. This means we can monitor and control the quality of each shed that leaves our factory.

If you go with a big box store shed, understand that many of these sheds do not come fully assembled. These will be build-on-site products. They will deliver the materials to you and then an independent contractor will construct the building in your backyard. This means that the quality of construction is really left up to the experience and determination of the contractor.  

With Cook, each of our sheds are delivered 100% constructed. Our Cook drivers will deliver, install and do any touch-ups needed on the shed, all for free. You can learn more about how we build our sheds, with pictures and explanations here!

  • Warranties and service after sale could be non-existent.

Always, always, always ask about the warranty. Before purchasing a shed, ask what the warranty includes and who will service the warranty if there is an issue. Since some big box stores use third parties for financing and final construction, you may not have a warranty or it may be very difficult to get a warranty claim serviced.

With Cook, we have a dedicated maintenance crew who performs service in the field when needed by our customers. The quality materials we use and the way we construct our portable buildings allow us to offer a 5 year “bumper-to-bumper” warranty and a Lifetime Warranty on all treated components of the shed. This is unmatched in the industry! Learn more about our warranties.

If you’re afraid our quality is out of your price range, be sure to look into our rent to own program. Rent it and then quickly own it. With no credit check or early payoff penalty, it allows you to get the storage you need right now at a price that fits the budget. Plus, with this program, you will also have the option to trade up to a different size. So, try out a shed and if you discover you need more space, you haven’t lost your investment.

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