3 Simple Yet Creative Shelving Ideas for your Storage Building


Maybe you already have a portable warehouse, but you’re not sure what to do next. You’ve got a place for your stuff, but you’d really like to find an interesting way to store and display those items. We have the solution! Check out these DIY, low-cost shelving options for your shed!

  • Pallets

Old pallets are cheap and easy to find. You may even have some lying around your yard!  Their rustic, simple design is visually appealing, making this the perfect touch for your shed. Consider covering these new pallet shelves in a coat of paint to add some color to your space. There’s no need for sanding; they don’t have to look perfect. Oftentimes, the more worn something looks, the more interesting it is.

  • Crates

Stack some crates – whether wooden or plastic – against a wall in your building. Voilà!  Instant shelves!  Again, adding a simple coat of paint to your wooden crates will help to add some color to your storage building. Who says storage can’t be fun?

  • Ladders

This type of shelf really makes a statement and can act as a conversation piece. All you need is a ladder and some wooden planks. (If you’re only using one ladder, the size of the planks should vary as seen below.) Lay the wooden planks across the rungs of the ladder. Then, feel free to stack things on the shelves you’ve just created. Use your best judgment in terms of weight and balance.  For added support, use multiple ladders with wooden planks connecting them.

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