[Quiz] Do You Need a Garage Sale or Storage Shed?

Everyone could use more space, whether it’s for a hobby, business or their home. But, maybe you’re not sure if it’s time to get a storage shed just yet. Let’s figure out if it’s time to declutter or time to invest in better solutions.

5 Tips for Keeping Your Emergency Kit Ready

Preparedness is key for any emergency situation, but as we all know, time can take a toll on our once very thought out preparedness plans. So, whether your area is prone to hurricanes, flooding, snow/ice storms, or you’re worried about quarantining, it’s important to keep your emergency kit and plan up to date.

‘Will This Fit Inside My Shed?’ – A Cook Shed Fitting Guide

Wondering how your lawn mower or workshop will fit inside a new portable shed? It's important to think through not only the size shed you're purchasing, but exactly what you'll be putting inside it once it's delivered.  One good option with Cook, is our rent-to-own program. So, if you do choose a shed that's a bit too snug of a ... Read More

Top Shed Styles & Features [Infographic]

We love helping families find more room for their stuff! Across our 14 state service area, our top three buildings sold in 2019 were the Lofted Barn, Utility Shed and our Tool Shed.  Plus, we introduced 5 NEW shed styles. How did these new shed styles come about? Because we recognized different customer needs and began designing sheds to fit … Read More

Our Favorite Tool Shed Upgrades [Videos]

We know you’ve been planning your ultimate workshop for awhile. You’ve got every corner filled with the right tools, the right workstations and the right projects. That’s great, but if you don’t have the right tool shed to match those projects, you may find yourself getting a little frustrated. 

Sheds Solve More Than Storage Problems

No one can ever have too much storage space it seems. But, sometimes you need more than just a place to store your old college memorabilia or Christmas decorations.

Consequences of Not Buying a Shed

“No, we don’t need a shed right now,” you told your friends, your family, your spouse. And then you went home to the truth. Have you been there?