3 Space Saving Solutions for Your Workshop

To have enough space for all of your equipment and materials, plus a little storage, you need to maximize space in your shed.

No matter which shed style or size you choose, generally you always feel you could use more space.  So, make sure your shed’s space is used to its maximum potential!

But, if you are a part of our rent to own program and you find you do need a bigger shed, no problem! We offer a trade-up option for those renting to own their shed.  

Space Saving Solutions for Your Workshop + Cook Portable Warehouses

Here are 3 space saving solutions for your workshop to make it efficient for your next project.  

  • Fold up everything!

Choose or build a worktable that can be folded against the wall or put away.  Use chairs that can be stored away, so they don’t take up precious floor space.  Also, if you regularly use saw horses, purchase sturdy ones that easily fold up.

This is a great space saving technique, so you always have the items you need, when you need them.

  • Have an ongoing declutter system

It can be easy to junk up your shed, even if it is supposed to be solely your workshop.  So, schedule a time once a month to declutter the floor and shelving, keeping only what you really need.  

Examine your equipment.  Do you ever use it? If not, see if you can sell it.  Does it not work anymore? Throw it out and then save up money to replace it, don’t let it continue to take up space when it’s unusable.

  • Utilize awkward spaces

Can you put in a high corner shelf to hold items you don’t use often? Or, can you find a use for your ceiling space? Sometimes you can store wood, PVC pipe and other longer items in your ceiling rafters.

Your workshop is your space to brainstorm, create and be innovative.  So, design and organize it the way that makes it an efficient workflow for you!  Have the tools you need most closer to your worktable and the items you need less stored in the harder to reach areas of your shed.  

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