3 Things to Know When Converting your Shed into a Pet House

Our pets are more than just our favorite furry friends; they are part of the family. And, as temperatures continue to rise, your family wants to spend more and more time outdoors enjoying the springtime weather.

But, that doesn’t mean you have to leave your dog or cat inside all day long. What if they had their very own space right in your backyard?

The answer is simple; just turn your Cook Portable Warehouse into the ultimate oasis for your pet. And, if you participate in the newly popular trend of urban farming, here are some simple ways to turn your shed into a chicken coop!

With just a few simple tweaks, you can turn your Cook shed or even just part of it into a dog (or cat) house. Then, on those beautiful spring afternoons and through the hot summer months, your pet can safely enjoy time outside!

Here are 3 important things to consider if you are converting your shed into a pet house!3 Things to Know When Converting Your Shed into a Pet House

Consider climate control

Even if your pet predominantly stays outside most days or nights, it’s important to consider those very hot or very cold temperatures. If you are planning to use your portable shed as a place to shield your pet from the heat of the sun, you will need to make sure it stays cool.

For the summer months, add a few battery powered fans and keep the doors or windows open during the day. If you own your Cook building, think about adding insulation to help keep the cool breeze inside your structure.

Another smart idea is to add a doggie door, so your pet can come and go whenever they want. Adding a pet door is a simple weekend project. For more on the steps to install one, click here!

Add a doggie door to your Shed  + Cook Portable Warehouses


Furnish and prepare the interior

Every Cook warehouse comes with a high quality flooring system made of high quality pressure treated lumber and guaranteed to last the test of time.

But, if you plan to use your shed as a dog or cat house, you might want to consider installing or adding other items to make Fido or Mr. Whiskers more comfortable. Make it an inviting and comfortable space for them by adding towels, blankets and pet beds to the floor area.

Make your shed a comfortable and inviting space, so it becomes your pet’s home away from home (even though it’s right in your backyard).

And, if you are feeling particularly crafty, use some scrap wood and create a feeding and watering station for your pet as a standalone piece or built into a cabinet. Here are some great examples for your home or shed! Or just invest in an automatic feeder, so your pet is well taken care of all day long!


Choose the right building

If you don’t already have a backyard shed, consider investing in a multi-purpose portable building that can become a pet house or any other extra space your family needs. Here are 15 creative shed ideas! But, it’s important to choose the right shed, one made of high quality materials and one the company and its dealers stand behind.

Cook Portable Warehouses offer 8 unique building styles, from our Garden Shed to our Handyman, to meet any need. Whatever your pet and whatever their size, we have a warehouse that is perfect for both of you!

For example, choose our Lofted Barn and use the lofted space to store all your pet’s food and supplies.

Want to see your shed options? View all of our shed styles from the smallest Slim Shed to the largest Cabin style.