3 Tips to Make your Pool Party Better than the Rest

Summer means a lot of great things; quality time with the kids, vacations your family has been anticipating throughout those cold winter months, and warm toasty weather. It also means the season of outdoor entertaining is in full swing.

There are tons of variations on summer parties from neighborhood barbeques, to holiday fireworks celebrations, to outdoor pool parties, there is no end to the number of outdoor entertaining options summer brings. Looking for more ideas, read this post with low-key summer outdoor entertaining ideas from HGTV.

A pool party is one of our favorite ways to stay cool and refreshed during the hot summer months.

Did you know your Cook portable building makes the perfect pool house? With just a few small tweaks it can become a key part of your backyard set-up.  If you haven’t invested in a Cook portable building yet, find a dealer near you today!

Now that you have the pool house set-up, it’s time to enjoy it, so here are 3 tips to make your summer pool party one in a million!

Pool Party Tips + Cook Portable Warehouses

Make sure your pool is ready

The first step to ensuring you host the best pool party on the block is to make sure your pool is prepared for guests. This means make sure it’s clean of any leaves, bugs, and other debris. You can do this yourself (or enlist the help of family members) or hire a professional pool cleaner.

Check to make sure the chlorine levels are correct and adjust if necessary. Then, check the area around the pool, including the deck, paths, and other walking areas around the border of the pool to make sure it’s clear.

Other elements to check are the patio furniture (make sure it’s in good shape and there is enough seating to go around for your guests) and all pool toys and other supplies are clean and ready to use.


Plan some fun activities

A big component of a good pool party is having some fun games and other activities for your guests to enjoy. Everyone enjoys those classic pool games like Marco Polo and pool volleyball.

Ask guests, family members, and friends for their ideas about creative twists on these traditional favorites.

Stock up on pool supplies like a net, beach ball, floating devices, and any other items needed for their games of choice. Just consider the number of guests, the equipment required, and the amount of available space before finalizing any plans.


Provide adequate lighting

With pool parties, especially after the sun sets, preparing the right lighting solution is key to keeping your guest safe and happy. First, make sure all bulbs in and around the pool are replaced and fixtures are working correctly.

Walk around your pool and any other walking path from the pool area to the pool house, deck, or driveway. Consider how you can add lighting to the landscape that looks natural and provides the right ambiance.

In food preparation and dining areas, use lanterns or hang string lights from trees, umbrellas, or canopies. For smaller gatherings, you would use candlesticks or Tiki torches to provide enough light and preserve the perfect summertime atmosphere.


Now you are on your way to hosting the best pool party of the season. Learn more about summertime musts for your home or yard by downloading this free resource from Cook Portable Warehouses.