3 Ways to Keep your Living Room Organized


One of the most important areas to keep clean and clutter free is your living/family room. It’s the space for entertaining and spending time with family and friends. And as the center of your home, your living space can become messy on a daily basis.

Having your living room organized allows you to enjoy those moments of free time and relax without always worrying about keeping the space clean!

A smart way to add more room inside your home and reduce stress is by adding a Cook Portable Warehouse to your property for all that stuff that’s cluttering up your home.

So here are 3 things to consider when organizing your living room as part of our room-by-room Cook Guide to Home Organization!

Pare down your stuff

Streamline the look of your living space by cutting down on the knick knacks on your side tables and entertainment center. Having too much stuff makes the room look smaller and less put together.

You can still add small touches like favorite pieces of decor to make the room feel homier. But instead of adding tons of framed pictures on top of your furniture, create a picture wall or living album with all the framed shots or use a digital photo album to routinely see fresh images.

Go through those stacks of newspapers, magazines and other reading material that can collect dust.  Recycle or donate what you have finished reading or are dated from years ago! For those items you are still reading, grab a cute magazine basket and place it by your reading chair.

Keep other stuff out

Don’t let your living room become the place where everything ends up! Those kids toys should stay in the bedrooms or a playroom and those papers and other work things should remain in your home office. If you need to, just have a small bin or basket for toys and put that into an unused corner of the room.

You can also hide your work items underneath a couch on top of a thin baking tray. Inside an ottoman is another great place to keep those things you need occasionally but don’t want all over the floor. It’s also a good idea to have a wastebasket that matches the room’s decor, just in case.

Organize your stuff now

Get all those things organized that are on your built-in bookshelves and entertainment center. Gather those electronic chargers into one place and use cord covers to make those ugly cords look a little better!

Get DVDs and CDs organized alphabetically or by genre, so on family night you can quickly find the flick or music you are looking for. Donate any movies, books or music you haven’t used in years then organize the rest in a tower, bookcase or inside drawers.

Take advantage of all the space underneath your coffee table or behind the sofa. A little preemptive organization will save you tons of time in the future.

The best preventive step to keeping your entire home clutter free is adding space in the form of a Cook portable shed. Want more organization tips? Check out one idea for every room in our new guide by clicking below!