3 Ways to Make Spring Cleaning Easy


Daylight savings time, blooming flowers and climbing temperatures means one thing- spring is around the corner! And with all the great things that come with the season, there is that one task that everyone dreads- spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning brings the opportunity to make changes to your normal routine or organizational structure. Cleaning and tidy up your home means decluttering your life and reducing your stress level, so set time aside to get everything in order and get ready to enjoy the perks of spring.

Here are 3 key concepts to get you started when tacking your spring cleaning, for every space from small apartments to large homes. And check out our next blog post for 7 specific areas in your home that you should spotlight during the cleaning process.

Analyze the situation

The first step is determining the current state of your home and the specific rooms. Are there any large issues that need to be addressed first? Are there any things that you can easily get rid of? What areas does your family use most and least?

After you answer those questions, you can make a plan of attack. Craft a plan that fits into your life. You don’t have to spend a whole weekend cleaning. Instead you can make a weekly or weekend schedule. Just make sure you stick to!

Any easy way to set doable goals is cleaning room by room. Take one room at a time, starting with the most important spaces in your home like the living room and kitchen, then move to others like the dining room, bedrooms and bathrooms. Don’t forget to add your basement, attic, garage or Cook storage shed to the list!

Stock up on cleaning essentials

Check to see what cleaning products you already have on hand under the sink and in closets. Don’t forget to verify expiration dates.

Then, head to the store and purchase the items your home needs to look sparkling clean. Important cleaning essentials include spongers, rags, rubber gloves, garbage bags, mop, broom, dustpan, duster, floor and surface cleaner, furniture polish and floor wax.

Get started

Now that you have the plan and all the right supplies, you are ready to get cleaning. In the living and dining rooms, start by storing clutter in boxes, bins and crates. Then, vacuum floors, wipe down windows and dust furniture and electronics. Check your carpets and furniture for any large stains and deep clean, if necessary.

In the kitchen, change out the shelf paper and sort items in the pantry and cabinets. Clean the refrigerator with a combination of baking soda and water and wipe it clean.

In your bedrooms, sort through closets, dust surfaces and lamps, wash and change the bed linens and air out pillows and mattresses. Use a bathroom cleaner to clean tiles, fixtures, the sink, toilet and bathtub.

So what are you waiting for? Trust us, spring cleaning isn’t as scary as it seems! Just think about how a clean home will benefit your life! Another way to declutter your space is with a Cook Portable Warehouse. Learn more about our building offerings by clicking on the Cook brochure below!