3 Ways to Work from Home in your Cook Shed

One of the best things about our Cook Portable Warehouses is that they represent a blank canvas for each and every customer. Your backyard shed can really be anything you need it to be from a simple room for storage to much more!

These solutions extend past personal storage needs. From sandwich shops, to tack stores; check out these super creative purposes for our portable buildings.

A Cook shed can also be the ideal space for your small business. To learn more about how to get started with your new small business, read this post! And keep up with the biggest business trends in 2017, from Inc. magazine.

Learn more about these three trending work from home options that are the ideal fit for a Cook Portable Warehouse.

Ways to Work from Home in your Cook Shed

Online Product Sales

With the growing popularity of shopping online for custom gifts on eBay and Etsy, there is always demand for creative, handmade items. Set-up your workshop from home right in your backyard shed. Talk about a convenient commute!

Popular home businesses include crafts, jewelry, decorative art and gift baskets. To be successful, make sure you have affordable and ongoing access to supplies, time to research and brainstorm ideas, and an understanding of smart price points.

By keeping your business and home separate, you can avoid burnout and have all your supplies and equipment organized. If you’re selling online, don’t forget to invest in mailing supplies as well.


Designers, Decorators, and Real Estate Agents

These are some of the most popular career paths especially for people looking to work part-time or balance a career and family life. Although a lot of time is spent on the go, it’s also helpful to have a centralized home base.

Use your Cook shed as the staging area for your designs, idea boards and selling supplies. You can even try out new colors and textures and make your building a creative oasis.

Again, this separation between your work life and your personal life is critical and the first step to being successful in both!


Creative Services

Freelance work especially in the creative industries provides flexibility for employees by working remotely with a customizable schedule. Things like photography, graphic design, and writing are perfect jobs for freelancers.

Set up your very own photo studio in your shed or create the perfect home office to write or design with a desk, computer and plenty of office supplies.


There are unlimited ways to use the space you have inside your Cook building, for example it can be a workshop, man cave and more!

Just select the perfect size, best purchasing program, and customize it to your exact specifications, and you are ready to go! Download our free guide to starting a business in your shed, below!