4 New Year’s Resolutions to Help Transform your Home


With the new year approaching it’s common to make New Year’s resolutions for ourselves. Either we want to get in better shape, work less and spend more time with family or just cut down on those things that are causing stress.

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While focusing on improving yourself is one of the best ways to make your resolutions don’t forget about other significant areas, like your home. Here are 4 important New Year’s resolutions to keep your house in tip-top shape and your family happy and secure!


Consider home safety

The new year is a good time to double check that your home is as safe as it can be. Things that are worth checking and investing in are detectors for smoke, radon and carbon monoxide.

One often neglected area is the vents and ducts behind the dryer when lint gets trapped. These areas should be vacuumed routinely to reduce the chance of a house fire. Also, remember every room in your home, especially the smaller ones like bathrooms and the attic should be vented to the outside.

Reduce energy bills

Your home doesn’t have to be 100 percent green to reduce your energy costs. And think of all the fun things your family could do with a little extra available money to travel with or just do more family friendly activities. So make it your resolution to increase the energy efficiency in your home.

Some easy ways to reduce your energy bill include always turning the lights off when a room is empty, being smart about what temperature your thermostat is set at especially when no one is home and installing compact fluorescent light bulbs and low flow showerheads.

Other ideas including drying clothes on a clothesline instead of using the dryer and using power strips to make turning off those big electronics much easier.

Get ready to entertain

A great New Year’s resolution is to spend more time with loved ones and a great way to do that and save money is by entertaining at home.

Freshen up those entertaining spaces like the kitchen and living room with some simple updates. Plants are a great way to redecorate for a relatively low cost and they add energy to any space.

Another way to add life to a space is by using an accent color on a wall or in some of your smaller decor items like a rug or vase. And lastly, don’t forget to group furniture together into clusters to encourage better conversation and connection!

Declutter your space

An inexpensive way to keep your resolution is to go through the clutter around your home. Especially after the holidays, most of our cabinets, drawers and closets are completely full of stuff.

If you don’t regularly get rid of these things, you end of loosing track of the things you have, what you need and where everything is located. Remember, having a cluttered space makes your home look dirty and outdated.

There are some easy tricks to help streamline those living areas like using baskets or trays to keep those essential but not visually appealing items like remote controls, shoes, etc. Anything that you don’t use daily should be off the tops of counters or tables.

So, make it a resolution to go room-to-room quarterly in 2016 and clear out anything you haven’t used or worn. It’s also good practice to think twice before making any new purchases. Consider the cost and the level of necessity for the item.

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