4 Steps to Convert your Cook Shed into a Playhouse

With the kids home for the summer, there can be a lot going on around the house. With their toys, games, and other activities, it starts to clutter up your home and outdoor space. One solution is converting your backyard building into a playhouse for the kids.

With a few simple steps, you can give the kids the space they need for their stuff right in your backyard. Here are 11 ideas of ways to personalize your playhouse according to your kids interests, likes, and hobbies.

Spend next weekend completing this project and your kids and their friends will thank you. Plus, you will see how truly versatile our Cook portable buildings can be. And if you are looking for a few fun summertime kids party ideas read this post!

With the Trade-Up program, your building can grow along with your kids! All you have to do is pay the difference and we will pick up the existing building and deliver the new one!

Here are 4 steps to turn your backyard shed into a playhouse for your kids!

Make your Shed a Playhouse

Decorate the Walls

One simple way to make your shed an oasis for your kids is by adding a bright, lively paint color. Let your kids decide and help out with the task! Or just pick one accent wall to paint.

If you don’t have time to paint (or are leasing your building through the Cook Rent to Own program and can’t paint), frame some of the kids artwork or just add some fun posters and other signage. Use adhesive strips to avoid damage from nail holes.


Bring in Some Light

With windows available with all of our Cook buildings, there is plenty of natural light if you pick a sunny spot in your backyard. For the very sunny days, add some curtains that reflect a favorite color or theme. Decorative window film is also a low-cost way to add some personality to the space.  Here are some different window treatment ideas to check out! 

But if the kids want to play once the sun goes down, you will need to add some lighting features. A couple of simple, inexpensive, and safe options include LED portable lanterns or string lights. By adding lights, kids can enjoy time in the evening playing games, doing crafts, or having an old-fashioned campout.


Make it Comfortable

With tea parties, coloring, and reading areas, kids will be playing and sitting on the ground a lot. Make it more comfortable with inexpensive area rugs to provide a soft surface for kids to move around on.

Keep the cost down by checking yard sales or secondhand stores. Choose rugs with fun patterns, shapes, and styles to add additional excitement and interest in the space.


Personalize the Space

Add those special touches to make it your kid’s favorite place to be. Add a shorter table with small plastic chairs, pillows, or beanbag chairs for activities. Stock up on those things they will need like paper, pencils, crayons, coloring books, stencils, glue, and more.

Add music options with a Bluetooth speaker or go old school with a CD player for those impromptu dance parties. Stock up a mini-fridge with the kid’s favorite healthy drinks and snacks for added convenience.


With a Cook portable building, you can make it into anything your family needs for the short or long term. Learn more about making your shed into an extension of your home, in the free Building Conversion Guide. Download by clicking the button below.