4 Ideas to Transform Your Shed this Winter


A Cook Portable Warehouse brings versatility that allows owners to make it a place for anything and everything. If your family needs more space, a Cook shed provides a safe, secure place for all your stuff. But it can also be an extension of your home and make things easier for family members during those long, cold winter months!

Many of our customers transform their Cook building into a room or additional space for their home. Our portable buildings can be converted to garden sheds, home offices and much more! But here are a couple ideas tailored for the men in your home!

Man Cave

A man cave provides space that every man would love to have to get away but stay nearby. Think about all those musts for your ideal space and visualize your perfect set-up in a Cook building.  

The essentials include: a big television, audiovisual system, video game system, computer/keyboard, mini or portable refrigerator a comfortable coach or recliner and all those personalized wall decor items.

Buying a pre-constructed Cook shed will save you time and money and get you out of that cramped room or drafty basement when creating your idea man cave! Be creative and really make the space your own! Learn more about how to make your man cave a special spot in this blog post!

Home Gym

Get ready to work off those extra holiday pounds and keep your new year’s resolutions by converting your Cook shed into a home gym! And with a place to exercise right in your backyard, you won’t have an excuse during those cold months and of course no monthly payments.

Get some basic workout machines like a treadmill or elliptical to get started. Or to keep costs down, just buy weights, exercise mats and step-ups to do cardio exercises. Use the money you would pay toward a gym fee to buy a new piece of equipment every few months. Read this blog post for more tips to bring the workout into your Cook warehouse!

Music Studio

A Cook building is also a great place to jam out with your band or with some friends! With a backyard shed, your band will have a place to play that won’t disturb your family or neighbors. You can also have a place to safely store all your large musical equipment.

Don’t forget to decorate the space with posters and records of your favorite bands or singers. There is no better inspiration than to see your musical role models while you are jamming out! For more tips on transforming your building into a place for your band, read this blog post!

Hunting Cabin

If you live near a wooded area or just need a staging area before or after your hunting trips, a Cook portable warehouse could be the answer for you!

Stock the space with cots or sleeping bags, a camp stove and all that important hunting gear, supplies and clothing. Want to learn more about how to keep your hunting stuff clean and organized in storage, read this blog post!

With all those valuable and important supplies, equipment and machinery, you want to know everything is secure inside your Cook warehouse despite the weather.

Learn more about all the Cook door features by downloading our product brochure today!