5 Easy Ways to Stop Clutter from Piling Up


It’s easy to let clutter pile up when you are busy with family, work, errands and trying to have a little fun too! But as clutter accumulates it gets more and more difficult to deal with and becomes more of a hassle.

That clutter pile will keep growing and growing until you feel overwhelmed and stressed out in your own home. But don’t worry the answer is much simpler than you might think. Just install daily habits that help you deal with clutter before it gets out of control.

Once you start cleaning and organizing daily or routinely, you will see your home as a serene, stress-free environment again! Use these 5 tips to help make that possibility a reality.

File and shred papers

If you know a bill, tax document, receipt, etc. is important and needs to be kept, file it immediately in the right folder. On the other hand, those things you don’t need, junk/unnecessary mail, flyers, expired coupons, etc., should be shredded. Nothing is worse than looking for one important document in a giant stack of paperwork.

Clean dishes after dinner

After a long day of work and cooking dinner, anyone could be tempted to leave those dirty dishes in the sink and deal with them later. But try to clean and dry dishes immediately after a meal. If you have a dishwasher, remember to empty it the same night or the next morning.

Put clothes away

We all have a family member who is known for leaving socks around or shoes by the door. But try to encourage everyone to put clothing in a dirty clothes bin or hang it up. Hang your coat, hat or purse on a rack by the door to keep clutter to a minimum. This also applies to laundry fresh out of the dryer. Fold or hang garments immediately to reduce the chance of wrinkles.

Tidy up surfaces

Make it a rule to tidy up the kitchen and bathroom counters whenever you leave a room. Taking a couple minutes to wipe down these surfaces will keep dirt and debris away. A great time to do this is while talking on the phone or listening to some relaxing music.

Put away your belongings after use in their rightful location so they don’t start to pile up on tables. Make sure to reset your desk, coffee table and nightstand at the end of everyday too.

Get more storage

One of the main culprits of clutter is a lack of available storage space for all the stuff your family accumulates over the years. A great way to reduce this burden is with more useful space in the form of a high quality storage building. A Cook Portable Warehouse can provide your family with more room for your stuff, right in your backyard!

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