5 Gardening Apps to Try


Have you started planting or at least creating your garden plan? There are many resources to help make this process more fun and a little easier!

First, start with preparing for growing season. Here are three tips to help you get started. If you don’t already have a Cook shed, then that should be your first step! You’ll love having a place to store all of your equipment and gardening supplies.

The Cook sheds perfect for gardeners is the Garden Shed or a customized Utility Shed. Each of these options will look great near your garden or in your backyard.  Cook sheds are perfect for potting plants, storing equipment, or even creating a She Shed.

You’ve probably been pinning gardening ideas all winter, but have you ever thought about using your phone or tablet to help you? Here are 5 gardening apps that could help you in planning your garden this year.


Garden Answers AppGarden Answers

Have lots of questions about your garden, but not sure where to turn? This app can help! Not sure if that bug is bad for your plant? Ask the app! It can show you bugs and plant diseases you need to look out for.

Did something pop up in your garden that you’re not sure what it is? Ask the app! Point your phone at the plant and get the answer you need! Plus, ask the experts other questions you have about what’s growing in your garden. And you can even save the questions you asked and the answers for when you need a refresher! Learn how to download this app here.   




Bee Smart App

Bee Smart App

You may have recently seen the push by General Mills to save the bees, as they took their bee mascot off of the Honey Nut Cheerios boxes. They launched the #bringbackthebees campaign and are now sending more than 1.5 billion wildflower seeds to Canadians and Americans who signed up.  

These pollinators have decreased significantly in recent years and many scientists are worried about the impact it could have on our food supply. You can read more about the endangered bumble bee here.

So, if you’d like to help #bringbackthebees, you can plant some wildflowers in your garden. Or, you can download the BeeSmart App to help you find plants that bees, hummingbirds and other pollinators will love!


Garden Plan Pro App Garden Plan Pro:

No matter what size or shape your garden is, this app can help you create the perfect plan. You can create it online here and then update it and receive reminders in the app.

If you use this app over the years, it will even give you a warning if you need to do a crop rotation in that spot of your garden.  You can even add in fencing, irrigation and raised beds with the tools built into the program.   

The app also features videos and more information on vegetables and herbs that you may be adding to your garden.

You can even create a list of plants you’ll need when you visit the store to fill out your garden!  Learn more about it here.

iscape app.jpgIscape App

Whether you’re planning to build your own garden/landscape or are working with a landscape contractor, this app with help you create your vision! You can update your curb appeal or plan out your garden space. There is a free version of this, but you can upgrade to the full version for all the special capabilities.






GRO. Garden Ideas Designed for You and Your Yard:

This app is brought to you by The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company, and will help you find plants that will grow well in your climate.  The app will send helpful reminders for your garden, for how to best care for your plants.  This app should see some additional features soon, so learn more about this app here!



If you’re searching for more garden tips and tricks then download your free guide below!