5 Helpful Tips for Organizing your Storage Shed


“I love my shed!  I just wish I’d bought a bigger one.”

This is one of the most frequent comments we hear from customers.

Upon delivery of your portable shed, you’ll probably be anxious to begin stowing away your belongings.  Before long, you’ll realize that the building is full and you still have a pile of odds and ends that need somewhere to go.

It’s easy to underestimate your storage needs.  For that reason, we recommend purchasing a larger shed than what you think is necessary. It’s likely that you’ll have no trouble filling the space.

If, however, you find yourself running out of storage room in your portable warehouse, a bit of well-planned organization may help.

Follow these five tips for making the most of your storage space:

  1. Floor Space is a Virtue

The floor of a shed is usually the first area to be filled. Save this space for large items, such as lawnmowers, ATVs, motorcycles, pressure washers, etc. Don’t forget to leave open walkways for yourself!  You need to be able to get around in your building. As for smaller pieces, place these items around the insider perimeter of the building, using walls for hanging when possible. 

  1. Help with Hoses and Cords

These things often get scattered around the inside of sheds. Hoses may get trapped under larger items, making them difficult to retrieve. Meanwhile, cords have a tendency to become tangled.


To solve these problems, mount large hooks to the walls of your shed. Another option is to secure a galvanized bucket, base first, to the wall. To do this, you’ll begin by drilling a few holes in the bottom of the pail, spacing the holes out into a triangle formation. Then, place the base of your bucket against the shed wall. Use washers and bolts to attach the two. Bonus: You can use the inside of the bucket to store additional items.


  1. Trace and Track Your Tools

When everything has a place to go, pieces are seldom lost. Keep track of your smaller tools by hanging them on a designated “tool wall” with hooks or nails.To prevent yourself from forgetting any missing items, trace the shape of the tools onto the wall using a permanent marker.


When it comes to larger tools, like shovels and brooms, you may want to attach a tool hanger to a wall of your building.


  1. Consider a Shoe Organizer

A hanging shoe organizer with clear, plastic pouches is great for visibly storing small pieces, like nails and screws. It also doubles as a storage unit for cans and bottles, such as household cleaners.


  1. Stack Stuff on Shelves

We recommend adjustable metal shelving as a helpful storage device. These shelves won’t block out light due to their open form, and shelf heights can be adjusted according to your storage needs. Put your belongings in clear, plastic containers, and place them on the shelves for easy viewing.


If you’re running out of space to store your things, it may be time to invest in a portable shed. Click here to locate a Cook dealer near you!