5 Ideas to Get Rid of Your Home’s Clutter


Once you start with the springtime cleaning and organizing you realize how much stuff you really have crammed into closets, drawers, garages and even in your Cook shed. But spring is the time to pare that stuff down to only the essentials.

By spending a little time once or twice a year getting rid of the “junk” or just things that your family doesn’t need any more, you will feel calmer and relaxed.

Here are 5 (semi-obvious but still helpful!) things to do with all that clutter! And once you get down to just the stuff you need, store everything in a Cook Portable Warehouse to keep it from cluttering up your home or garage.

Use what you have

Not only is spring cleaning a great opportunity to purge what you have it’s also a perfect chance to use the things you have on hand. Think about if you can use something (even in a more creative way- check out Pinterest or Etsy for ideas).

Make a pile of those things while cleaning and at the end really think if you have an immediate need for that stuff. If you don’t see yourself using it in the next month go ahead and toss it.

Sell your stuff

eBay is a great place to small smaller things like electronics, souvenir items, clothing, accessories, etc. Make some easy money selling those items that are just sitting in boxes cluttering up your home.

On eBay you can list up to 50 items per month and will only be charged a seller fee for a portion of items that are sold. Craigslist is another free site that makes selling larger pieces of furniture locally simple. Also, share items via social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter and make sure to include a picture and description.

Donate things

Giving back is always a good idea so really think if you need something and use it routinely. Those old clothes, toys and household items could help someone else in need. Donate to the Salvation Army, Goodwill or another local thrift store.

An added perk is most of these donations are tax deductible so remember to get a receipt in order to claim it on your tax return.


Re-gifting is a great way to purge you home of those items that are still new and in the package but don’t fit into your lifestyle.  Think about the person first and see if you have anything on hand that fits their interests or personality. You want to give them something they actually want.

Popular items to re-gift include movies, books, wine/alcohol, candles, picture frames and gift cards.

Recycle electronics

Electronics get outdated pretty fast so most likely you have an old VCR, TV, fax machine or broken parts that you sitting unused in the back of a closet. But don’t throw old electronics away because the hazardous materials can get into groundwater.

Instead, take them to a local electronics recycling center like Best Buy, Earth 911 or an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) site.


If you have more space, your home won’t feel so cluttered with all that stuff. A Cook Portable Warehouse is the simple solution to keeping your home organized and staying on top of what you need and don’t need on a seasonal basis! Learn more about us by downloading our product brochure below!