5 Reasons to Park Your Car In a Garage

 Inside a Lofted Garage

Part of taking care of your car is protecting your car.

Purchasing a vehicle comes with a lot of uncertainty. How can I keep it in the best shape possible? How long will I have this car? What will its resale value be when I’m ready to get something else? One of the best ways to take care of your car is to store it away from the elements. Here are a few reasons to park your car in a garage. 

  1. Keep It Clean

Storing your vehicle in a more controlled environment (out of nature) will keep it looking nicer for longer.  Everyone loves the feeling of a clean car, but we hate to see that perfection ruined by tree sap, bird droppings and other elements of nature. These elements can damage your vehicle’s paint or cause rusting in certain exposed areas. 

  1. Avoid Damage

Extreme heat, moisture, and the frigid cold can all have negative impacts on your vehicle’s appearance and performance. Automobiles are typically a large investment, so why would you risk its safety? Keep a controlled environment for your car or truck inside a garage. 

Lofted Garage in a backyard



  1. Save Time

It’s the middle of January, you overslept and are now running late for work. It would be nice to just jump in the car and go, but your windshield is covered with a sheet of ice. Time to crank your car’s defrost to high, break out the ice scraper, and wait. You wouldn’t have this issue with a clean, organized garage. 

  1. Have a Designated Maintenance Area

If you work on cars a lot you know how inconvenient it can be to you, your family or even your neighbors. Having your own garage area in which to make modifications and repairs would be ideal. Think of how much more comfortable and organized you would be! Plus, you won’t have to worry about the weather when things need to be done. 

Garage in the backyard


  1. Secure Your Investment

Your car is an investment, you’ve most likely put a lot of money and energy into your vehicle. Your car may even feel like part of the family by now, so you’d hate to see it go missing or see storm debris damage it. Keeping your automobile safely stored away in a portable building will give you peace of mind.


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