5 Things to Do with Your Kids While They’re Still Young


Kids are constantly growing, which means that they’re also outgrowing. Unfortunately, that sometimes involves outgrowing mom, dad, grandparents, and activities they once thought were cool.  Luckily, it’s just a phase, and most of us went through it, too.

This is why it’s so important to take advantage of the early years in life, while everything is still new, fresh, and exciting. The simplest activity can become a grand adventure in the mind of a child. You’ll see what we mean…

Here are 5 simple activities to do with your children before they get too old:

  • Gardening

Teach your children about life and healthy eating through gardening. With a little care and attention, the most beautiful flower can blossom from just a tiny bulb. Seeing this is practically magic to a child (and planting is a fun way to get their hands dirty)! Grow your own fruits and vegetables to spark an interest in healthy eating from a young age.

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  • Camping

Get away from home for just a bit, even if it’s only in the backyard. Kids sleep in their beds every night, so why not let them sleep under the stars every now and then?

  • Yard Sales

Yard sales may be a source of anxiety for you, but they can actually be a lot of fun for children. It sounds silly, we know, but trust us. Get your kids involved in the process by sorting through their old toys and finding things they can sell for a little extra cash. Allow them to help you set up the yard sale, price items, and greet customers. Through this, you’ll have taught your children about the importance of letting go, the value of a dollar, and how to treat new people.

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  • Playing Outside

Find any excuse to be outside. These days, kids spend too much time indoors, watching television and playing video games. Now is the best time for them to be outdoors, exploring nature and learning what the world has to offer. Let them play in the mud if they like or ride bikes until sunset. Start a game of basketball with them or go on a hike together.

  • Providing a Place of Their Own

Eventually, your children will want their own space. The earlier you give this to them, the more likely they are to appreciate the time you spend together.

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