5 Tips to Make Home Entertaining Easy and Fun


If you’re still cleaning up after that super fun Super Bowl party or weren’t able to enjoy it because of all that added stress of being the host, Cook has gathered up these home entertaining tips just for you!

Whatever party you have planning from a kid’s birthday, to a family movie night, or just a weekend game night with friends, you can use these simple tips to keep it simple and classic!

And don’t forget, a Cook shed is a great place to keep all those entertaining supplies, for indoor parties popular during the winter months and for those fun outdoor gatherings and cookouts starting up again this spring!

Keep it simple

Most get-togethers are casual events so keep it simple with appetizers, a make your own drink station with an ice bucket and cups or use coolers in a variety of areas with bottled drinks and waters. Select drinks that are relatively easy to make and try to avoid glass bottles that can break easily.

Serve finger foods that can be eaten with a toothpick and pick items that are least likely to stain. Use one plate to display your flatware so people can just grab whatever they need.

Some easy food examples include: cheese cubs, hummus and other dips, stuffed mushrooms or pigs in a blanket. Your food options should be simple, so your guests will dive right in! Or ask everyone to bring their favorite small dish or dessert and have a potluck.

Location, location, location

The location of your drink and food stations along with the overall layout of your party is important to make guests feel comfortable. Use a long table for all the food options in the dining room or kitchen and a seating area in the living room. By limiting the central locations for the party, you will have fewer places to clean up after!

Use disposable kitchenware

To save yourself tons of clean-up time, use disposable dishware, silverware, napkins and anything else that you can toss out! A creative tip is to use coffee filters as snack bowls or as a place to discard things like toothpicks, wing bones or shrimp tails.

Cover things up

Make homemade table or sofa covers from inexpensive fabric. Use a layer of tin foil between the cover and the table to protect from spills. Then, you can either wash the cover or toss it and your furniture will remain pristine! And cover your couches and chairs with colorful blankets to protect against permanent stains.

Clean as you go

You will thank yourself the next day if you keep up with the cleaning process as you are cooking so dishes won’t pile up in the sink. Remember to run and unload the dishwasher beforehand to save yourself more time! And if the party goes late, just gather all the dishes and let them soak in the sink until the next morning.

Some additional tips: make sure music is playing when guests arrive and use a variety of lighting sources including unscented candles.

Entertaining at home is a great way to save money and break up the boredom of the winter season. And it doesn’t have to be Super Bowl weekend to have some fun with friends and family.

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