5 Ways Clutter Can Negatively Affect your Health


You knew it was an inconvenience, but who would have thought clutter could impact your life in other ways? Collections of unorganized and seemingly useless stuff can actually have a negative impact on your health.

Living in a messy environment could make you feel:

  1. Overwhelmed

You’re not sure where to start the cleaning process and may feel so discouraged that you simply throw your hands in the air. Unfortunately, this sort of procrastination will only lead to more clutter and hassle in the long run.


  1. More Stress

Feeling a constant sense of unease? Anxiety and restlessness are often side effects of living in untidy spaces.

  1. Irritable

You’re always surrounded by mounds of things but can never find something when you want it. This mess is also getting in the way of daily activities. For these and other reasons, you may commonly feel a great deal of frustration.

  1. Distracted

You may find it difficult to concentrate and process information with all of the chaos around you.

  1. Unproductive

All of the factors above prevent you from leading a truly productive life. Imagine how much more you could accomplish without this clutter in the way and always in the back of your mind.


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