5 Ways to Eliminate Kitchen Clutter


From online blogs to tips from family and friends, all those ways we can better organize our homes can get overwhelming. If you have a to-do list that seems to get longer by the day, Cook has you covered!

Our blog will feature organization tips room-to-room to make it as easy as possible to accomplish those projects and cross those items off your list. Every room in your house has specialized needs, so we have tips and tricks that meet all those specific spaces!

Let’s start with one of the most important and busiest rooms in every house, the kitchen! Here are 5 essential tips to get your kitchen sparkling clean and have everything you need for cooking, cleaning and more, right at your fingertips!


Make use of the space that you have by cleaning off all your countertops and cabinets. Kitchens are an active room for cooking and eating meals, families gathering together and entertaining friends so space is important!

Only keep those things you use on a daily basis, such as the toaster or coffeemaker on top and store those lesser used items in lower cabinets.


Take advantage of wall space by installing some basic hooks for hanging towels, oven mitts, and aprons to keep those things off your countertops. This ensures that those things are accessible and out of the way! Or hang a shower organizer inside the door under your sink with just a couple screws to hold cleaning products.


Go through your cabinets and consider the current organizational structure that you have in place. Make sure to group similar items together to save yourself time in the future. A common area that becomes unorganized is your pantry so start there!

Everyday plates, cups, etc. should be placed on lower shelves and more special occasion pieces should be placed higher up. Create a cooking zone and keep all your cooking supplies in drawers around your oven, with tools in a stand up container or jar.


Think about stacking items and using every bit of your available vertical space. For plastic or Pyrex storage containers and cookware, stack smaller items inside larger items. Knife blocks and hanging spice racks are smart ways to keep the things you need at arm’s length.



Drawer organizers meant for cutlery or even for your home office are inexpensive and can be easily repurposed to keep all your kitchen utensils together.

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