5 Ways to Pay for Your Dream Shed

Purchasing a portable shed can be an asset to your business or home.  It can even help you raise the value of your home in a potential buyer’s eyes. But, making the purchase usually needs to be financially planned for.

As you search for the right shed for you, you may have questions and that’s great! Cook dealers are here to answer them and help you decide the best choice for your purpose.  Here are some common questions our dealers hear.  

So, as you work on your budget, here are 5 ways to help you pay for your dream shed.  

Ways to pay for your dream shed + Cook Portable Warehouses

Start a Special Savings Account

By having a designated account specifically for this item, you’ll be able to better track progress. With this account you can monitor just how much money you’re saving toward your goal.  

You can even have an automatic deduction set up with your bank or credit union.  That way, with each paycheck, there’s a specific amount that goes directly into savings.

Consider putting some of your money into a higher interest savings account

If you know you can’t buy a shed for a year, put some of your savings into a higher interest rate savings option, such as a CD.  Depending on your bank, certain savings accounts could give you a higher return on your money if you don’t touch it for a certain amount of time.   

Sell your stuff

If you already have a garage or older shed with stuff piling up, then start organizing and decluttering.  This allows you to do 2 things:

  1. You can sell things you don’t need and put that money towards a new shed.
  2. You’ll already have your things organized when the new shed arrives.  

This way when your shed is delivered you won’t immediately clutter it up. You will will have space for extra storage as the years go by.  

Shop Consignment

If you need a new outfit or wardrobe, shop consignment first. This will help you save on your clothing budget. What money you have left over, put toward your new shed.  Consignment isn’t always cheaper, but many times you can find clothes with the tag still attached at a much higher discount.  

Keep those resolutions

Did you have a goal to eat better or stop drinking soda? Then let your dream shed be another incentive to keep going! Every time you crave a soda or ice cream, take the money you would have used to buy it and put it in a jar with a picture of your dream shed taped to it.

Not only will you be able to keep those resolutions, but you’ll be able to purchase your shed even faster!

There are tons of ways to save money, as long as you have a little discipline and commit to making it happen! Here are 6 more creative ways to pay for your Cook shed!

The best way to save for your dream shed is to choose Cook’s Rent-to-Own Program. This way you can keep saving your money while you pay off your Cook shed!  If you pair all of these ideas together, you can pay it off even faster.