5 Ways You Can Help Yourself and Others by Donating Excess Clutter


Are you beginning to notice that you have too much stuff? Maybe you’re simply in need of an emotional boost. There are several reasons to donate your excess items to charity, but here are just a few:

  • Already On Hand

Maybe you like the thought of philanthropy and would love to donate to a good cause. Unfortunately, times are tough, and you may not be in the best financial position yourself. People sometimes forget that donations don’t have to be monetary. You can donate your time to a nonprofit organization or even contribute stuff you already have. There must be things in your home that you no longer use or need.

  • Unnecessary to You

When is the last time you really used some of this stuff? Are you on the verge of hoarding? At some point, you’ve got to let things go. Getting rid of all the excess can actually be a liberating experience.

  • Wanted by Others

You’ve either forgotten about these items or no longer have a use for them, but someone else can still benefit from their existence. The next time you go to casually shove these things in storage or toss them in the garbage, think of how they could be helping someone else.

  • Declutter/More Space

Take a weekend to really comb through your house, searching for these unused items. Check the main areas of your home, as well as the garage, basement, attic, etc. Don’t forget to look through any storage buildings you may have. Chances are that extra stuff is cluttering your home in several places; you’ve just gotten accustomed to looking past it. The effort you spend will result in more living space for your family!

  • Create Joy

This is a win-win for both sides. Donating to charitable causes will be an internally rewarding experience. It can be so satisfying to know that you’ve done something good for someone else. Likewise, the people you’ve helped will be thrilled by the opportunity to own these donated materials.

Show gratitude for all you’ve been given by paying it forward to those around you. 


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