6 Creative Ways to Pay for your Cook Shed

Deciding on the right shed for your space and purpose takes time. And a big part of the consideration is asking yourself “How will I pay for this?”

You just know it will be perfect in your yard as a man cave, she shed, jam room or just a storage space. And, with a little creativity and planning, having your dream Cook shed is possible!Creative ways to Pay for your Cook Shed-- Cook Portable Warehouses

Here are 6 creative ways to pay for your future Cook Portable Warehouse.

  1. Do what you love and make some extra cash! Love gardening? Use your Cook shed as a greenhouse and potting shed and sell your produce at Farmers Markets or just to friends in the neighborhood. No matter your hobby, there is probably a way for you to make some money while doing it.

  2. Get a library card. Tend to spend a lot monthly on books, movies or TV show binge watching? Then, check out your local library. Many libraries have a mass collection of new movies, popular TV shows and of course all the books you could ever want to read. And, though we don’t recommend it, the late fees are usually much less in comparison to being late returning a movie. To top it off, they usually have great events for all ages, which can help you save money on entertainment for the whole family.

  3. Let a cosmetology student do your hair. This is a little risky because they lack some experience, but generally you can get a good haircut.  So, next time you need a trim, contact your local cosmetology school to check their price for a haircut.

  4. Track your finances. You may have an idea of your budget, but are you keeping track of expenses? If not, it’s easy to spend more than you think. There are many apps available to help you easily keep within your budget and find out where you are spending too much. Seeing it on paper or your phone, will help you stay conscious of your purchases and the money you’re really spending.  

  5. Keep your change and start filling up the old piggy bank. It may not amount to a lot, but even putting in a quarter or a few cents a day can add up after a while. Then, once it’s full you can pay a little extra toward your Cook building that month.

  6. Call your service providers and ask for a better rate. Many long term services, like car insurance or internet, can gradually increase over time. You may have set up automatic payments and you don’t realize how much it really has increased. And, it never hurts to call and ask for a better rate. You may have to shop around with other providers, but sometimes it only takes one phone call to get it back within your budget.

There are many creative ways to save money and holding on to that extra cash doesn’t mean cutting out all those fun activities.

If you’re considering buying a Cook Portable Warehouse, the best solution for most budgets is to purchase through our Rent-to-Own program. Download our free Rent-to-Own guide below to learn more!