What a Storage Unit Does Not Solve

The storage unit across town can solve a few problems for families and businesses. This could include needing more storage space but not having enough yard or, for those apartment dwellers out there, not having a yard at all. 

Cook Beginnings: Why We Offer a Rental Option

One of the keys in business is to not only pay attention to the market, but to listen to your customers. What are they saying, what struggles are they facing, what options are they choosing over you? When we started Cook Portable Warehouses, we sort of fell into it because of some excess lumber we had. You can read that … Read More

Do You Really Need a Shed?

You’re thinking about getting a shed. But, is it the right time? Do you need a storage shed or would something else suffice?

Myth vs. Fact – Common Shed Misconceptions

Purchasing a shed takes time and research. At Cook, we know that and encourage it! That's why we like to lay out the information you're searching for or maybe aren't sure to ask for. Below, we'll explain common misconceptions we hear when talking with customers.  Some of these myths may be true for other shed companies, but they aren't true ... Read More

6 Color Combinations That Elevate Any Backyard Shed

It’s amazing how color can be the thing that stops us from finalizing our purchases. We’re afraid of choosing the wrong one, when really, they’re all right. (We just have to find the one we think we’ll like for years to come. No big deal.) 

Lofted Barn is #1 Choice of 2019

Throughout the year and across 14 states, we’ve worked hard to find our customers more room for their stuff. From hobby workshops to she sheds to storage sheds, we’ve been dedicated to helping our customers not just find a shed, but the shed they need.  And, what a large majority of our customers need is apparently our Lofted Barn. For … Read More

New Shed Styles for Your Storage & Hobbies

You need more space. Right? Otherwise you would be looking to spend more money on a vacation or your favorite hobby and not on a shed. The good news is that a new portable building is an investment so you’re able to enjoy your hobbies even more. And, with a good rent to own program, you might still swing that vacation.

Seasonal Storage Shed Options

Each season has its own storage challenges. You may have an almost empty garage or shed during the Christmas season, but then after the holidays you’re desperate for more space. Or, during Summer you may purchase some new yard tools (or toys!) and discover your space just isn’t large enough for everything.