6 Critical but Often Forgotten Items to Add to Your Survival Shed

6 Items to Add to Survivalist Shed + Cook Portable Warehouses

Disaster can strike in an instant. Tornados, hurricanes, power outages or water contamination could impact your family for weeks. You may already have emergency supplies in your shed. If not, you can get started with this list.

If you have an emergency stockpile, here are 6 items to add to your survival shed you probably haven’t considered.

  1. Shoelaces: While wearing tennis shoes you’re basically walking around with rope if you need it. Adding a few extra pairs to your survival kit will take up very little space, but can be used for many different purposes. You can use them to make a splint or help you secure a makeshift shelter.

  2. Feminine hygiene products: You ladies probably have this item at the top of your list, but even men should consider adding it to their stockpile. Pads and tampons can be used in a number of emergency situations. They’re useful in case of injury because they are sterile and have high absorbency levels. Also, tampons can be used as a water filter, candle wick, fire starter and more

  3. Copies of Personal Documents: The Red Cross recommends you make copies of deeds to your property and home, birth certificates and insurance policies. Due to the sensitivity of these documents, be sure to put them in a safe inside your locked shed. It’s also a good idea to put them in gallon sized freezer bags to protect from water damage.

  4. Dental Floss: You may not floss your teeth regularly, but it can be very handy in an emergency situation. Just like shoelaces, they can help bind things together, or hang small items.

    Items to add to survival shed + Cook Portable Warehouses

  5. Garbage Bags: When disaster strikes, you may need garbage bags to pick up trash or debris. Or you may need to use them to make ponchos for your family or to waterproof important items. 
  6. Water: You’ve already thought of this and you probably have a few gallons stored away. But, do you have enough? The Red Cross recommends having 1 gallon per person, per day stored. They also recommend having a 3 day supply ready for an evacuation and a 2 week supply for home storage.  

The key to a successful survivalist shed is ensuring you keep your items secure, labeled and easily accessible for everyone in your family. Also, make sure any items that may expire are used and replaced in a timely manner.

Don’t spend too long considering all of the reasons why you may need a survival kit, but it is worth thinking about. Sit down with your family and ensure you have the right items and everyone knows where they are.

A Cook Portable Warehouse is great for storage, gardening or entertaining and they can be a life saving investment for your family. Download a free copy of our Definitive Home Emergency Preparedness Guide for more on remaining disaster ready.